What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


You won’t be able to see my head :stuck_out_tongue: It’s even bigger than I thought


first real mentoring session using zoom soon… quite nervous to see how this goes… :pray:


Family Vacation in Williamsburg


Hahaha thanks for sharing a pic!


Wear them on your head please Kevin!? :slight_smile:


Sanding some doors down to be re painted. Last person did a terrible job.


Camping with the family!


more valuable than gold


Hit up niagra falls yesterday.

Later that night I was approached by a man asking me to sell him crack. I let him know that I was fresh out of crack but that the guys across the street were holding. Here is a pic of the dude hitting them up. They were very confused lol


LMFAO u gave a crack referral, and the guy followed up

he could be in telesales


I once asked for directions, the bloke said “not a clue mate, but I can give you some crack!” :joy:


Needless to say I took him up on his offer. I’m now in my final stages of rehab. Hate being spontaneous :weary::joy::joy:


Doing the swimming thing.

Yesterday was good. Connecting with bTC core developer.
Talking history and getting inside scoops.


Bro you cant wash a cat…wtf?


Just Sayin’… :cowboy_hat_face:


is that a full time blaster for doing heavy equp, controlling that from inside? neat


Laughed way too hard at the start of this video!


My cat turns into a mountain lion if i show her water, so no :slight_smile:


Seeing my patients on a friggin Saturday!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But now I have this so I’m ok for now. :grin:

Korean peepol! Icon Potato chips!


Hey mate, would you consider doing long sleeve business shirts with crypto logos on the top pocket?
Not everyone wears t-shirts or hoodies, some of us are more business attire, especially in Asia.

Anyways, just a thought and I do like your shop and shill it with friends and on tubes.

Stay Fishy