What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


On the boat and about to arrive my friends bachelor party. Getting ready for a crazy weekend on a Dutch Island. :sunglasses::beers:


sswedding for 220


Ohh yes I can see the 3rd stooge now lol, poor boys just wasn’t their day huh :laughing: :soccer: :star_struck:

#fitness #family #worldcup


Spent the day out on the intercoastal. Caught about 20 or so snapper, couple of pin fish, and one human (yes I hooked myself)


Not a bad day.


Back from a mission’s trip with my church in Peru.


welcome home sojourner. welcome home.
i’m sure you were changed.


Thank you brotha!
It was such a great trip. So many lives changed. I just feel blessed that I got to go.
Feels so goooood to be back!


have a great sunday… :wink:


Still a more interesting read than 90% of the ICO white papers.


Frisco dyke alert

Relax, it’s an ice cube lyric




John I’ve read your blog post. Gosh. Keep your self safe up there. I believe you will come back to health soon. Put your foot to ice


Just some insight to what I have to when I’m at work (for the very many that are I’m sure are interested :stuck_out_tongue: /s).

The green rectangles indicate the pallet spaces I have to work with. In the past 4 days, we have received over 60 FULL pallets. To top it off, we are reducing the shelves within the store and still receiving the same amounts of freight as before. Not only that, but we’re short staffed with only myself and my partner unloading the trucks and breaking them down by product for the stockers in the morning. :expressionless: . The grind is real I suppose.



New beginnings so tired bought a townhouse with partner :house_with_garden::heart_eyes_cat:


congrats man! where is this?!


painting stairwells always freaks me out. i’ve had too many bad experiences with stairs and ladders. good luck!


한국만 배우애요
Day 6 at the Korean school


Downunder australia lol


Yep don’t know how in the world I am going to reach that lol