What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Making two fresh batches of cold-pressed juice, chillin’ to some spa music on the Life Blossoms Radio Pandora channel while working on a painting as I sit by the fire. I took today off to get centered again :purple_heart:

pineapple-apple-lemon-ginger-yellow pepper & red grape-lime-pomegranate-carrot-celery


Got some Korean cold kimchi noodle soup :joy:


That looks so good! fdjfkdal;jfdsl;fj


Watching someone else do the work tonight :ok_hand:


Well done. Watch the stream at work.



My ninja. Love it. Lulz. Are you iron man?


Iron (welding) man :muscle::boom:


Having lunch with partner. :fire:


Dam that looks good. :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:


There’s been this Barnes and Nobles at the mall near me forever didn’t realize how rare they were lol


I would tell you what is on fire but I’m trying keep it PG


But shit just got into work 11-7am worked earlier 8-4:30pm then set up for my daughters 1st birthday party tomorrow. Grinding till reach the moon


Am on the same journey my friend, best of luck to us :rocket:


:yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: that looks awesomely delicious!


I’m a massive foodie! If you guys would like I would post food pics in a new thread and our trip to Seoul in few weeks?! What y’all think?


yes, do it! Love to see that!


Hello John. It’s very nice to see you since all I watch is Peter. We have the same hair style!


Yo, the original Red Bull!


Yes. But you look better than I do.