What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Where’s the donuts??


Omg you put bacon in there?!


Looking at pics and videos from @peter and doge👧🏻‘s sweetheart dance tonight.
Appa got her her first corsage :sob:


Went to a Hackathon to learn how to code in Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain!:

So much fun! Team even got second place!


Getting 200+ kills in Roblox! Yes, 4realz bro I said Roblox.

And yes, listening to Nightcore - Judge by Neffex

~= moxie =~


solid handwork ther!
love the fibonacci urn!



It´s carnival time in Germany, so my golf buddies showed up in costumes yesterday.

Still have not ordered :btc: golf balls so improvised with a sharpie

In other news, I am stoked to be mentioned by @peter in this video about Neblio (NEBL) :nebl:

Have a good Sunday everyone!


Prepping garage for news people flying in!


YESSS. I whip it out to make hash browns. :crazy_face:


Omg. Mini cars so cute!


Just came back from Umeå today, city 2 hours south from where we live, spent a night with the mrs at a hotel, we did a bit of shopping, went to IKEA, had a great dinner, cocktails, chilling, amazing breakfast, now back home


Patreons! Uploading behind the scenes for y’all :wink:
Picking up the news peepul. Lulz.


What tools are you using for your Eth dev?


Playing Yakuza 0


So we basically just setup a local environment and just used that. Here’s the setup:

  • Atom editor w/ Solidity language support
  • Truffle framework to make it easier to develop smart contracts in Solidity
  • Ganache to test on a local Ethereum blockchain


I love the whole Yakuza series!


Is Atom better than Visual Code?


That really depends on you. I haven’t used Visual Code editor but I do use the full blown Visual Studio editor professionally which I think is great!

I do like Atom a lot too since it’s pretty lightweight and highly customizable.

I would say try out both and see for yourself :smiley:


I just found out about it. It’s hilarious!