What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


It was great! I believe there will be another workshop aimed at developers. I posted notes about the workshop if you haven’t got a chance see them yet.




Just chillin… Catching up on the crypto news while I wait



making a logo for something, might be changing it up though


Getting my feet wet in mining by using my old netbook & Futurebit Moonlander2. Probably not going to profit but to learn.


Your garden looks beautiful! We have quite a spread here. 9 acres at our house, 28 acres at the blueberry farm. 8 acres of blueberries. We do a lot of farmers markets. We got our CNG certification last year. So everything we do is by organic standards.


awesome !

I remember when I used to grow watermelons with my father a couple years back, it all had to start with plantules in a green house, Oh man what a headache it could be it not treated properly!

Found couple of old pics, good memories :grinning:


Adding bacon to anything makes it better right?

Making smoothie. Extra bacon left over.

Oh wells. It blends! @altcoinchick @CryptoMom


Not like this Peter, not like this :rofl: There are some things that aren’t meant to be mixed ! lol :joy:


Small chunks I’m realizing… well. SCIENCE!

Bacon bits!


Did you drink that??


I can see his expression that he is not sure if to drink or not lol :joy:


I did. Lest I not waste!


Meat smoothie! Bacon makes everything better!


i like her. :point_up: #bacon


I just might make breakfast for dinner now! mmmmmm bacon!


2am rum’n’coke. Getting ready for some bitpub and chill :wink:


Lol. I love that. Winning.


Can’t sleep, too much to learn :joy: might not be the best time to learn though


Yes!!! Bacon or bacon grease makes everything better! I save my bacon grease. It always stays on the back of my stove :joy: