What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Made some more videos recently:


:doge: NOPE…


It’s raining it’s pouring over here.
I was supposed to work out, but had a derricious brunch with my friend instead :rofl:


I don’t know if I’m cut out for gardening. I pulled weeds once and also pulled my back out, but I’ve always wanted a garden too. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers would be nice. Keep us updated with how it goes!


My hammies are screaming at me today lol


Crystal River FL! My first discovery of Bitcorn a poppin’ . Shout out to the little bikers store in downtown.


Do you guys live on a homestead? Looks like you have a decent property down there. We should have a gardening thread on here for the green thumbs. I am a hosta hybridizer.


LOVE IT! This is the jam!


Yes please on the gardening thread! I’m currently vertical, closed-system gardening due to my new small yard. This is a garden tower.

and I have a couple of decent raspberry stands in the yard, among other things


I did aquaponics for 3 months to see if I could achieve it small scale. It worked with a 10 galon fish tank, pet fish, and some rigging. Achieving tank balanve was the hardest part due to the plants being on top of the tank. Id be down for some gardening.

And it was just arugula, peppers, lettuce and zuccini folks. No MJ


It was great! I believe there will be another workshop aimed at developers. I posted notes about the workshop if you haven’t got a chance see them yet.




Just chillin… Catching up on the crypto news while I wait



making a logo for something, might be changing it up though


Getting my feet wet in mining by using my old netbook & Futurebit Moonlander2. Probably not going to profit but to learn.


Your garden looks beautiful! We have quite a spread here. 9 acres at our house, 28 acres at the blueberry farm. 8 acres of blueberries. We do a lot of farmers markets. We got our CNG certification last year. So everything we do is by organic standards.


awesome !

I remember when I used to grow watermelons with my father a couple years back, it all had to start with plantules in a green house, Oh man what a headache it could be it not treated properly!

Found couple of old pics, good memories :grinning:


Adding bacon to anything makes it better right?

Making smoothie. Extra bacon left over.

Oh wells. It blends! @altcoinchick @CryptoMom


Not like this Peter, not like this :rofl: There are some things that aren’t meant to be mixed ! lol :joy:


Small chunks I’m realizing… well. SCIENCE!

Bacon bits!