What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Uh oh, caught red handed John using Peter account?! Nah you both good looking ajuhssi :saitama:


At my mrs mom celebrating her boyfriends 70th with ze family


At The Atlanta Blockchain 101 Workshop! 20180203_110820|666x500


I’ve always wanted to go. Please post them!!



OMG YES! I’m a foodie too, would love to see!


damn! give us details! and info!


Yo…We gotta let the masses know!


how many “how long till the moon?” or “When can I get a lambo?” questions


i just wanna know how many coins mario has… that dude’s been bangin em out for years!



got some nice weather I pulled her out the garage!


Hi Peter. You’ll find those magazines easier to read if you rotate them 90 degrees.


Thank you trollmaster. :doge:


I live to serve. :rofl:

(Forum says: mo’ characters please.)


Very nice I’m a general contractor so I can appreciate good work … What is it ? a green house for medical MaryJane ?
good work are you an engineer ? Looks very well crafted …


Done trolling. Time to get the website up.


That print is awesome :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Thinking abt theming out a “Korean BBQ” poster, but I came in late to the Pub before it was conceived, so I don’t have a lot context for Korean BBQ. I got a few ideas but but Im gunna need help maturing the idea Anyone got any ideas as to what constitutes Korean BBQ?? Thanks you in advance for any input.


Im looking for ‘trigger’ words and images. Ill take care of the rest.