What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Working on my coursework and secretly procrastinating


That is exactly what I would have…
You may also add a few vegetables (you won’t even know they are actually there)


MIssing vegetables! 80% veg 20% fruit. Still tastes good.


Uuuuuuurf. I’ve only recently been able to slowly add bananas back into my diet (I have low stomach acid or some damn thing, some proteins aren’t easily broken down and certain foods put the hurt of the gods on my stomach, like on the floor under my desk at work in white hot pain either immediately or in precisely 2 hours).

When I do have a banana, I have to peel even the leftover bitter strings off. I can’t imagine eating the peel, although I’ve heard it’s a thing! Wish I could, I would!


Early release from my training course so I took a walk round the city of York.


Better watch out for those Vikings


Working my day job while watching Bitcoin/Crypto charts!


Spinach. Turn it green but cant taste it.


Crypto is life.



@kryptokenzie Lol my boss is into crypto as much as I am.





Wife got me a cold coffee brewer but wrapped it in a gag gift box:


That’s cool! Vikings fascinate me. Love the show Vikings on History channel


Is it because Vikings are raw, uncut, harsh men who make snowflakes of today melt?


So true, I like to think I am from hardened stock being scots/Irish but these guys where on a different level. Scots and Irish where happy fighting the next village but the Vikings wanted to fight the world. :fist_right::fist_right:


Thr only thing harder than eastern bloc europeans is russians.

  • ginger
  • honey
  • red beet for a color boost, but only little other wise it will taste earthy


Yup, cause in Russia Bitcoin mine YOU! lol




I regularly build Python scripts in VS Code. I like it as a text editor. I’ve only used Atom inside a VM I have setup to learn Haskell and it definitely feels slow with the Haskell packages I have installed. Plus configuring it has been more trouble than it feels like it should’ve been, but I’m not all the familiar with the Linux environment. Tbf VS Code has given me some headaches too, but it feels a lot more manageable. All the settings are in one giant JSON file and you can have overriding settings at the user level and the workspace level beneath that. VS Code feels like it’s internals are a lot cleaner, it’s easy to navigate through and see what’s going on, and it’s responsive as heck. Atom feels more clunky and every bit of the free knock-off of Sublime that it is.