What to do with Polymath?



What kind of world we are in? A few days ago i only signup for Polymath they gave me 250 tokens from airdrop. They didn’t have ICO or something.
Now tokens are traded at 1,25$ per. @etherdelta/idex
I didn’t throw a stone, just signed up for polymath, did not read anything about them. Lol, it’s my monthly rental fee. Is that happens more often? :slight_smile:
Sell - buy - hodl
Any though?

Editted to clarify question; have you ever experienced this kind of token distribution? How it works?


I would do a lot more digging into Polymath. I saw a post where a guy completely tore it apart and really seemed to expose it. DYOR but I wouldn’t touch it.


I did my own research on it. I think Polymath is the real deal.


Also this pitch deck they have helps - https://www.polymath.network/resources/deck


The whitepaper really is a great read. Highly recommend it: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5a46fad33472ef00014b540a/5a7f30c8d2e04c0001f46390_Polymath%20Whitepaper.pdf

This is definitely one of the most generous airdrops I’ve been part of.

I am excited about the project, especially in light of the recent SEC event.

I am HODLing my tokens!



The following is a quote from the Reddit post.


Gallery of screenshots taken that sums up how much of a joke Polymath and their CEO is: https://imgur.com/gallery/Z0HsD

Polymath Network lists Digital Assets International as Confirmed Issuer

DAI website lacks substance, unbelievable, and non-functioning (portfolio, blog, investor login, case studies, the team) (website link: https://www.digitalassetsinternational.ca/ )

CEO of Polymath Network Trevor Korverko is listed as a partner in connection with the awful site.

CEO Trevor Korverko claims “Founded DAI, world leading private equity firm focused on acquiring ultra profitable websites” Only truth is the Founded part. The rest is a blatant lie.

Proof that Trevor Korverko is a liar, incapable, and not worth your trust.

No substance, only a marketing ploy.

Conference hosted by Polymath “POLYCON18” is suspicious and could be the scam for making money.

Grit Capital (https://www.gritcapital.ca/) - website isn’t even up and running.

Untraceable (https://www.untraceableinc.com/) - 3month old website yet claims “Since 2013 Tracy and her team have run events within the blockchain and crypto space”.

I question the legitimacy of a conference being hosted by Polymath and would warn anyone who is considering on buying a ticket to think again.

There are other issues in regards to the POLY token itself, but the company Polymath itself is shady as a whole.


CryptoMoon - I think you’re way too harsh on Trevor. Did you have a chance to read my post?

I did some research on these partners.

Here’s Summerhill Ventures - http://harkencapital.com/2008/01/summerhill-venture-partners-closes-inaugural-175-million-fund/

Here’s Skyline Capital - http://www.skylineonline.ca/investments/skyline-apartment-reit/

You don’t get advisors like Patrick Byrne (Founder of Overstock.com), Erik Voorhees (ShapeShift), David Johnston (Factom), and Anthony Di Lorio (Ethereum) if your project is shady, IMO.


I simply posted a link to a reddit post and quoted it. None of that is my opinion.

With so many scams out there I think it’s important to have some counterpoints.


Fair enough, I just think the word “scam” is used too often in the space.