What’s your 9-5?


I am a Business Account Executive for Sprint in New York.


omg those insta pics. :heart_eyes:
beautiful plants!

You´re in Colorado?


i started as a design engineer
then i fought, fuck it, lets do art! started a bachalor in fine arts. but i dropped out again because i just hate art-scene and people.
now i’m back at the drawing board (almost literally - its of course a PC these days)
not really stoked about it, my creative side does not has its needed space in this job. but money, right? i hope crypto brings a little more freedom

that said, i’m working only 3-4 days a week. i think working more than 4 days a week for someone else is IMHO not considered “life quality”. money is not THAT important to work your ass off for other people :wink:


Insurance Broker

Arranging the insurance for recruiters.

9-5 Tue - Friday


Yupyup, all Colorado grown for now!


I used to wholesale. Glad its over. 10 yrs.


whats your favourite rock?


CEO of an education technology company that develops software for collaborative touch screens


Very cool list of jobs, thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed this thread.
I am a CRNA (an RN with a masters degree that gives anesthesia).


@HarryvdV, there’s too many to choose from, that’s like asking which is your favourite child. LOL.

Gneiss is nice, Granite is pretty and the Metamorphics are the most interesting.


Have you ever seen the minerals collection in London one the museums there?


Are you referring to the Natural History Museum? I love mineral and rock collections, all those colourful, sparkly and shiny crystals and metals, they were irresistible and attracted me to study geology in London.

Nothing quite like finding a gold nugget, raw sapphire or ruby!!!


Hey everyone! It took 3 months but I finally joined the forum! I currently work in a AR/VR studio in the SF Bay Area. Previously worked in the game industry at 2K games working on titles such as Bioshock, WWE, NBA, Mafia and XCOM.


jup that one, its breath taking



Hey man, I’m currently moving into the crypto world full time! Would love to hear what you do specifically and have a chat!