What’s your 9-5?


Oh cool…So your not in Reno/Tahoe area anymore?


No, I’m here as we speak. Just dropped my daughter off to school. Now I can binge on crypto stuff! We moved from the Orange County area last April. Definitely different!


Awesome! I love Lake Tahoe. Im in SLT. Join our Meetup group. Love meeting crypto freaks in the area


There’s always time! CHeck out my homie gary if you haven’t.


I don’t think I posted in here yet.

I’m a serial maker of things with a background in branding, product design, and building cool shit. I worked in the video game industry for 4 years and designed for Riot Games, Warner Bros., and more.

Now I run BotList, an app store for bots and building products for the crypto space.


I’m a rope maker. I manufacture rope used for hanging bastards like politicians, banksters, big pharma executives and FBI traitors.


That was great! Thanks Matty.


Translator. I take BS in English and turn it into (well-written) BS in Italian. Good thing is, I can do it from home :sunglasses:


Am i the only one here that works retail… lol everyone else has such cool jobs…
i work in deli :cryingjordan: someone had a spark of interest and asked if i was interested in doing real estate :doge:

basically trying to move into a crypto life… possibly looking for a group/coach to guide me through this new phase

special thanks though to @peter @john @siggy @Firefight @CryptoEthan @Sparky_84 and so many more!!! :8bitcoin:


when he said explosion i just thought of “explosion in pants” lol


If you can get into real estate, then do it! It’s been a GREAT career for me and I am looking to phase out to a more part time schedule so I can focus more on crypto. It is flexible that way which is nice!

Glad you found the pub. This is a life changing place IMO if you are ready for it! Such cool people, you can go as far as you want here. Coolest PUB I’ve ever been in! :slight_smile:


the like just means i like you, not the federal government


Ive been in tech my whole life, I ran some major shit at Mcafee, Symantec, Oracle etc - i sold a little company I had to cradlepoint about 9 years ago, I dabble in startups and seed round VC


graduated last year and joined Real estate firm as Associate Project Manager… So, newbie in job as well as investing (started crypto investing last august). Not typical 9-5, but depends on projects I am working on. So, love my job (new learning) and love my crypto investing. Thanks to the pub and Dogelord my portfolio stands somewhere around 10-11BTC ryt now. :slight_smile:


got to have you on my team :wink:


I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 16 selling fake shit on ebay :joy: but a “real one” since the age of 25. It all started off with a gag gift called the iFlask… which has given me the opportunity to build a small social media consulting company, a app company and my cryptocurrency trading company :slight_smile: So i guess not really a 9-5 but instead a 6am-12am :joy:


The last “job” that I had was working with a team of six. We created an app with in app purchasing. The game did very well and we had more people than we every dreamed about love our game. I’m now without a job. I do own homes that I rent out, and I do have hobbies. But I no longer need a day job - for now.


So you get to handle thermite?


I just dropped 3 thermite welds about 6hrs ago on a night shift :fire: it’s as volatile as the crypto markets :joy:
Are you a track welder?


Cool stuff… eerm I men HOT! :fire:
No, I am not a track welder.
My brother however works for Deutsche Bahn :de: :train2:, maintaining trains, not tracks.

My job title is Executive Consultant , so noone ever knows what I am really doing :rofl: