What’s your 9-5?


I might be able to help you find some of those apartment buildings! I am a Broker in OR, WA and CA (live in OR) but work mainly with investment property. I get a lot of off-market properties all over the US sent to me. I am continually getting them in front of my investors! While the real estate is something I enjoy immensely, I have one foot out the door as I get more and more addicted to crypto.




Roofing contractor primarily residential.

More interested in bundles of coins and not bundles of shingles these days


Railway welder, or another number according to the company.
Part time trader in stocks and shares, more recently crypto as well.


Me as well but can’t say where.


Electrician for 20 years and loved it for many a year but the last year or so falling out of love with it. Electricians pay has stayed completely stagnate for the last 15 years or so


I am a jewelry importer for high-end stores across the US . I’m wholesale
I sell watches diamonds and 18k Jewelry
Now I can say the rest of my time I read news on coins


I teach high school programming


I work for a health insurance company doing quotes and audits of small groups. Most of my time is spend replying to emails each day.

I went to college for something completely different. My dream was to be a video editor which I still practice on the weekends occasionally if I’m feeling creative. I don’t publish much anymore mostly just do personal stuff but would like to find freedom through crypto to persue my creativity.


I work full time for a hotel here in Red Deer, front desk. Aside from that I’m doing Print-on-Demand side hustle and selling on Amazon.

Darcy C


Have you got into chatbots yet?


Nope. just do video, podcasts, and standard social media. Don’t know anything about chat bots or how they would apply to financial advisors.


Hit me up if you ever want to chat about the benefits. I run BotList, the largest discovery site for bots


Marketing Consultant
6 AM to NOON


Interesting everyone!

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering but have always worked as an environmental engineer. When I was with the feds I primarily designed hazardous, toxic, radioactive waste cleanups at Air Combat Command bases in the US. I moved back home to the Black Hills and now am in air quality for municipal government. I’ve done some interesting entrepreneurial things along the way too. Being your own boss and working from home is the best and hopefully crypto will get me back to that!


IT Recruiter. I’m actually recruiting blockchain guys for big corps and exchanges based in Hong Kong.


I transport hundreds of people around in aluminum tubes at 80% the speed of sound - all the while trying to avoid the repetitive question: so what route do you fly?


Sweet career bruv. Love to get in the flying bus business.



Small world! I’m just down the hill from you in Montreux (off Mt. Rose highway). We relocated from Newport Beach, CA a few months ago so that my daughter could attend a special school out here.


Meh…boyhood dream realised. Once you do something for a living you no longer love it. I’d rather make it big in this space and buy myself a plane!