What’s your 9-5?


I design garbage.

Im a packaging designer


Software engineer, developing telecom features (right now IoT) that are deployed onto networks all over the world. But my day to day. consists of reading lots of documents, taking hours to make incremetal changes, and listening to Peters videos in the background in my headphones



I had to leave my job back in September.
I am a German citizen who has lived (own a house - or at least part of it - the other one belongs to the bank) and worked for 10 years in the US, paid SS and not had one traffic ticket, I am not allowed to work AT ALL right now.

I regained my Visa (E1 - dependent) back in November but had to file for a employment approval card. Now with our new man in charge, I have no idea how long I will be out of work but my lawer advised me not to take any job who would file any kind of taxes on my behalf.

So, what do I do. Work for cash as Gardener, Waiter etc. Not what I had in mind with a Masters Degree in Engineering and Management, but hey got to do what I got to do to survive.

Try to build a 2nd pillar to escape this brutal corporate world and hope one day (maybe in 5 years when I am 45) to relax from my sun chair and look back at the good old world with a smile on my face :slight_smile:


Union pipefitter/welder in the PNW.


Sub-contract with a large food corporation to fix vending equipment on cruise ships and owner/operation of landscape and lawn care business.


That’s so cool, @Crypto_Doggie, you have one of my dream jobs haha. Can I ask what kind of dog training your company does? I currently train retrievers for AKC field trials but would love to work with more exotic species some day


Mostly behavior modification, and obedience training.



Analyst :desktop_computer:


Sawmilling , Sherwood Forest UK…and Robin Hood’s tree is still standing…just!


If you can get into the law enforcement space, specifically threat detection :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Didn’t realize how expensive that stuff is til I looked it up.


Yeah I have friends that do that. But I make great money in doing private dog training because Im gooooood :wink:

And I only have to work 10 hrs a week. The rest of my time goes into crypto


Even better! Training dogs are fun.


I’m a watercolour artist and photographer. I’ve had lots of sites but mainly sell my original art on Etsy right now and some fun stuff like pillows, comforters, notebooks and tote bags with my art on in on CheyAnne’s WaterColours.
I also serve tables at a fine dining restaurant one night a week (to have a little social life).


I do 7pm-7am as a registered nurse at a local hospital. Then full time dad to the little doges. Cool to see the diverse crowd we got here in the pub.


What kind of engineering?


Which microprocessor do you use?


None actually, i work on the distributed contol node that decides if a person can connect to a 4g network, if they get internet and it keeps track of their location as they move around. Basically i tell people that i make sure that they have youtube on their phone lol

I would imagine that a telecom company would be running a lot of these line cards, and a bunch of control nodes would be running on it


I have no idea why someone would be selling this used line card on ebay, and who would buy it lol

Do you develop apps, what kind? Hybrid, native, etc?


And I print your garbage creations!
Printing Press Operator here


No, I’m an Applications Engineer, hence the name haha. I help customers who are integrating our chip into their end equipment. My team supports a product line of chips that are Wi-Fi enabled microcontrollers so I work in the IoT space as well. One of our biggest customers is a company that makes WiFi video doorbells


Secondary school lol