What is your GPU doing when there is no block to mine?


So I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now but still haven’t figure it out.

If you are mining on a mining pool and the pool doesn’t currently have a block to mine but your miner is still processing shares and having shares accepted. What exactly is your miner doing?


I’m not 100% certain of what you mean, but I think you’re asking this because sometimes the mining software says something like “new black detected”. That just means a new block was detected on the network. Your mining software is always trying to find that next block. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but you won’t really ever know because you are mining in a pool. You can see you when someone in your pool finds a block though.


What I mean is if you are watching the command screen you can see the rig detecting new blocks and having shares accepted. However, your pool may not have that block, so these shares that are being accepted, what are they? They aren’t shares for the block because you have no block in the pool.


It’s been driving me nuts too, the closest I can find to an answer is something in between the way different mining pools work and semantics of the actual mining process.

So I found one article that summed up mining pools pretty well (and is a lot clearer a read then posting all of the threads I’ve been in hunting for some kind of answer) https://captainaltcoin.com/what-is-pool-mining/
A bunch of stuff you’ve already learned while you’ve been digging into setting up the new pool, I’m sure but the part where it classifies the different payout systems shows what got me thinking.

Could just be a capped pay per share system, calculated off of the averages the recording of all of the data they get off our miners statistics. Then the hashing going on regardless of the pool payout is just the miners attempting to complete a block, the block not being found and switching to processing the next one. So the “shares accepted” by your miner are just being accepted by the pool as you are activly hashing the same data someone else is hashing and might be part of a pool getting that block. Basically just wasted hashing, even if it isn’t a capped system they could be intentionally taking a hit based upon the statistics of how often the pool might think it might get a block, keeping payouts constant knowing blocks will be coming and with that- the fee.

I’m learning and relearning a lot of this still tho, if you find anything from someone who actually knows please let me know :pray: Trying to figure out if there is a way to use that hashing power if it is actually wasted, has been frying my brain. So much processing power :dizzy_face:

Sorry it’s so long, more of a look into my thought process on it then anything actually helpful. I’ve got to master the 20 words or less skill.