What is Yen? An analysis as if I were a new comer researching Yen



I look forward to the day this fella eats his words.


I agree…There’s always a few naysayers… Not everyone wants to get on the Ark
Trolls will be trolls-that’s why they live under bridges and grow hairy palms.


The world & technology as a whole is evolving at exponential rates. I do believe that it is completely realistic to have it not be clearly defined at this time. I actually see this as genius. We don’t always know the potential of something and I see that as a huge window of opportunity to make itself known. This takes a leap of faith.

Nobel Prize winners didn’t set out with that goal in mind. They were born out of potential. This baby has been born and that in itself is cause for celebration. Have patience. There is an entire community to help raise it. Sure there will be scraped knees and bullies in the playground. That’s all a part of building character and a solid foundation.


Entropy and Business


My goodness, so much has happened while I’ve been away.
This video is so exciting! The passion, positivity and potential are mindblowing!


can someone let me know how yen.io will keep the coins safe. (will it be as safe as coinbase?) + how much will the fees be??
when can i join )


yeah. great questions!

  1. we are planning on building an integrated wallet, but we are many months away from starting this… can’t wait though! it will be as secure as coinbase… in fact, we are looking at making it even more safe… if we can do it right and well. for instance, requiring 2FA for features like wallet are things that our community could decide are good things to have! we’re open to other implementations as well.
  2. currently, the system isn’t adding any additional fees (e.g. mining fees) on top of any transaction. so, yen is free to use, providing a simple and more unified interface for multiple exchanges (MEX - Meta-Exchange is what we call it).
  3. currently we’re onboarding patrons via patreon and plan on opening it up more publicly next year.


thank you mr , and good job project look so nice already , will look forward to try it out )