What is the fastest way to mine bitcoin


What is the fastest way to mine bitcoin


An asic miner for mining btc. Most just mine alt coins on nicehash using a normal rig and it auto sells it all to btc for you


As @Shogun85 stated ASIC.

With that being stated your question is extremely vague and different circumstances dictate which is the best. There is only one way to mine Bitcoin viably so that is the fastest way, ASICs. Now if you are just trying to acquire Bitcoin and want to get into mining then you can use services like NiceHash to mine alt coins for someone else and get paid for your hashing power in BTC.

Please do some research with in the #mining and hardware section to get your footing on which route is the best for you and then we can provide assistance as your question and many others that you have or will have are answered in those threads.

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The newest ASCI from bitmain. The only problem there is they are still using them to mine for themselves and is not available for sale yet.


Sign up for an Exchange, buy that Bitcoin and Hodl it for life!

Probably better returns than mining :smiley:

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Hey, where’s the fun in that?