What is the best hidden gem ( crypto ) out that no one knows about?


Raven is a very good one. It’s on the 3rd page of cmm!


pundi x has a very low market cap. I purchased it a few days ago when the market cap was 35million it’s now up to 75 million. They provide terminals for retail locations to accept buy and sell crypto. They have already shipped out 4,000 terminals.


I think another one that’s worth keeping an eye on is Electrify Asia.


SingularityNet…AI Market place I think will be a big thing in the next few years.


@goodoldfiat … shilling for you for freee…


Lamden (TAU)

Currently at $0.08 from an ATH of $1.30-ish. It’s a white-label business solution for companies wanting to get into blockchain technology. Atomic swaps and interoperability are included. 10,000TPS.

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DBC gets no love. It’ll probably be the next NEP5 token to hit binance.


My answer is Elastos ELA, but just to be different I’m gonna field E-Currency Coin ECC…

I had $70 of btc on an exchange back when fee’s were high and I noticed ECC were launching a new website and github was active after sitting idle for a couple of years, so I threw it into ECC as a kind of small gamble. I think I got at $0.007 or there about (current price $0.001769). Anyway it’s one of the only coins that didn’t go below buying price for me during the bear market. The team seems very active and they update their twitter regularly. Seems like a legit project, pretty ambitious. Total supply is 25bn, all in circulation. Maybe it can hit $0.10 who knows lol. I didn’t research in any detail for the sake of $70. If anyone else did I’d be happy to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Just looked into this. Holy s…

Kinda pricey at $40 though?

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I really don’t think so personally, but nobody knows the future :slight_smile: Very strong project and team.

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I think our lifespan will not be sufficient enough to witness the launch of safenet lol! Its been in development since 2005, and still we dont have jack on the table. Not to mention bittrex delisted it recently. So I wouldn’t bet on MAID.

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Hi guys

My personal fav is Elastos. 25% of my invest is on BTC and another 25% on ELA. Rest on other coins. I’m following ELA a long time and participated in the ICO, doubled my investment in ELA yesterday as it’s on a record low level price. Rong Chen was working for Microsoft, especially on Windows XP and Vista (which were imho the first good OS after Win 95 / 98 / ME). They have strong partnerships (Bitmain etc.) and are very active. Also Fay Li, their marketing manager does a great job. #DYOR



ICON needs to do a video on the adoption of the icx token in korea… showing people are actually using it… or icon is just a paper-promise…

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yeah i have no idea about what’s going on with icx atm

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Hash Puppies LOLOL djdjfjdj

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Ive been saying ELA for a while now.


Particl is very cool. Has fallen by so much so took a look at it - their team is very good and they’re actively working on their platform.

Cool features -
Bullet proofs ( more efficient privacy )
Blind lightning network - LN but more private

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ELA is on a black friday sale price! Buy it now if you weren’t sure yet :wink:


NASH(NEX) token, id say.