What is the best hidden gem ( crypto ) out that no one knows about?


I like the ost project. I bought at .63 cents. ITs been a 50% loss so far. I have been contemplating buying more because I think it has a lot of potential. It was a buy and hold of a year. I guess we shall see


why ARDR? Child chains don’t seem so revolutionary tbh especially when the main blockchain is not scalable and slow.


I agree with the two man team situation seems highly suspect proceed with caution of course. As far as the market cap goes it’s difficult to gauge without an industry leader. The closest at this moment is Oracle’s and IBM market cap. It’s probably where I would start. I personally do not own any chainlink and won’t for awhile it’s a wait and see. Let me rephrase my previous comment “Chainlink too the moon… sometime in the near future.” LoL. Thanks for the reply.


Yup. We’ll see if they deliver and if Sergey is the genius everyone hypes in the telegram chat


Never mention this again.

Unless you’re referring to the delicious soup.


Adelphoi $0.10 2,435,517.37% Those are some huge gains :open_mouth:


Dig dug coin! :explopants6:


Could not agree more


If no one knows about it, how would any of us know about it??


ask the people who are replying


That was sarcasm, man.


I recently got into Power Ledger a bit. Not sure if it’ll moon or anything, but the concept of blockchain and renewable energy seems juicy. Or maybe I’ve watched too many sci-fi movies.

Power Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers and businesses to sell their surplus solar power to their neighbours without a middleman.


my post was also sarcasm.


Bottos is under the radar but sounds promising


I was going to say COV, and has been mentioned above.

CSC - Casino Coin. Regulated coin for the gambling industry.

QASH - but hardly a secret


Capricoin with its loyalty rewards system for Merchants/bi, multi currency wallet, safe staking, low price currently, + 2.5 years of very quiet development. Plus it’s links through Vizionary to One Gram coin backed by real gold.


Peter doesn’t like fluoride, neither do I. :wink:


As mentioned earlier in this thread im bullish on covesting (COV)

They just launched a blog and a youtube video showing the platform and some of the features…


Deep Onion/10 (ONION)


Definitely MAID!

If it ever launched and worked SAFE Network be the ultimate solution. I can’t believe it’s not a multi-billion cap already in this market tbh. It was in the top 8 cryptos on coinmarketcap for 2 years for good reason, now it’s 90ish!!!

It may never launch I guess, but jesus, if it did it would be bigger than ETH in a matter of months imo.

It’s too big a project though, very few have the time to spend months understanding how it works. They need to just release a working product so people can use it and see it does all work without having to learn an insane amount of new stuff (no blockchain in SAFE).

Meh, maybe I’m a fool but I still have very high hopes for MAID when/IF it finally becomes SAFEcoin after the network launches. Been holding it for nearly 3 years now. Made a lot more from everything else so far, but I can’t let those MAID bags go… just in case! :sweat_smile: