What is the best hidden gem ( crypto ) out that no one knows about?


QASH is a real good one I think


Oh and the real hidden gem for 2018 is probably BTF, POLY or TZERO. Tokenised, compliant securities are going to be huge this year! Banktothefuture is going to launch a compliant secondary market where whitelisted investors can trade their security tokens, so that really changes everything. BttF new tagline is ‘Make equity great again’. I think this shit will be really BIG this year and 2019 too.

My most optimistic bags for this year are:


/Rollz Dice! :wink: :crossed_fingers:


Great call here BulletEye. Props on the find and helping me get in on this.


May not be that hidden, but looks real good. ELA


Dude, i had Chainllink for MONTHS and ended up putting it…i think into Bitcoin.
In that community you RARELY hear from the team. Months can go by and not a word.
That actually pissed me off. I dont need daily updates but two months and nothing?


Yeah…im very interested in ELA too.


My current picks are HPB , ENG, NULS, ITC. ENG is a solid pick and the chinese projects just have so much potential at their current prices.


Thanks, i hope you got in before the recent rise?? :slight_smile:


Their lack of presence in the community doesn’t mean they can’t be successful, but highly important. I guess you get with you get with a two man team. I don’t think chainlink can taken seriously right now until they expand the team and have working product. I would be comfortable taking risk @.25 just in case they’re closer than they lead on. Wait and see moment for me.


Well, last i checked, they are a 4 or 5 man team.

With 30+million from the ICO, id expect much more communication.
You have the $$ for staff…use it.
My thoughts is that their business sense is absolutely awful…while they have good technical sense.


Alot of these noob CEO and CTO are learning on the fly. It’s live sort of speak. I agree a little “hey, how are you guys doing?” would be nice.


So very true man. It was really frustrating.

Plus they dont really promote or market very well if at all. They’ve been in a few conferences but…


$RLC (iexec)! Definitely read into it guys :blush:


Huge fan of MAN (Matrix AI) also. Big believer that AI will be a huge industry for blockchain in 2018. crosses fingers

Team is solid as well :slight_smile:


is it the #1 AI coin?


Dapps? Does that mean developed apps?


decentralized apps



I am still convinced that 2018/19 will be the age of DEX’s. Loopring and their protocol is still my bet. The secret sauce for decentralized exchanges to complete circular trades. (Ringmining) I don’t think it is really a crypto noone knows about anymore, but it has recently gone under the radar again. I think it will wake back up when their airdrops of LRN and LRQ (NEO and QTUM blockchain tokens) begin. I still think it would be cool if somehow they worked with Ledger to accomplish trades using the protocol. That would be something. Decentralized P2P hardware wallet trades? idk, lol


Poly looks good

Blockmason credit protocol has had a good run recenty, their utility is being able to register debt on the blockchain and already have an mvp

I have a good feeling about GNX (genaro networks) which is a blockchain storage combo. They are already working with storj. Larry Luis from the interviews seems to know his stuff and Jason inch has strong links to China. Low hype as well, with strong community focus. I believe they already have a developer hub set up in Singapore.


Jurassic Park Coin