What is the best hidden gem ( crypto ) out that no one knows about?


PART (Particl), rebranded SDC. Segwit, Cold Staking, Privacy with ring signatures, and coming soon marketplace + second fund raising.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm what else.


I like TelCoin, they have a pretty good project, mobile based, and the market for such an app is really big. Coin was 0.4 cents last time I checked and is available on Kucoin.


I’m convinced lottery is one awesome application for Blockchain unlike many other things…


sounds like a shitcoin sorry man


Nice. I was about to buy into it a while ago - might re check the development


I’m just worried about the team tbh. But how much do you think this could be worth if it is developed?


As soon as their launch their product. Oh damn this thing is going wild.
A better version of tor


Its better than Vert and ppl think that one is great.


vert is also pretty crap. All of them are btc clones and there are so many of them


If by clones you mean more efficient faster and cheaper than sure.


Part has potential i don’t know the product…but 500k volume is not gonna cut it.


Every coin is faster and more cheaper than bitcoin.


True. I’m also not sure about the product and whether their blockchain can handle a market that well etc.


I have a little bit of OST, I like the project.


whats this coin? anybody know? numbers don’t make sense to me.


that a bitshares coin that is tagged to the price of the chinese currency


how does it always have good 24 hr volume yet such low price that rarely ever goes up?

I guess you answered that in a way since its based on Chinese currrency but still kind of doesn’t make sense to me the price is 15 cents.


No Limit Coin (NLC2) is my pick for most undervalued fantasy sports betting platform with it’s own coin debit cards otw this year.


not sure. I think it does a similar thing to tether. it will probably be explained better on the bitshares website tho