What I would love to see on coinpuffs


I like it! specially the trade section! is it possible for a 1 day or one hr view?


most importend for me would be the percent of change from altcoins to BTC
only the showing the $ price is including the price change of BTC


Hey guys, I may be just reiterating what @paul_duffy suggested, but I would like to see if you can display coins listed on a page and grouped in coin types to make it easier to research that group type. For example, stable coins etc.


id say peter and john are already on this.


Hey guys, I am sure that you will probably already have this in your pipeline but how about a favourites checkbox on each coin in coinpuffs. There are so many coins out there and so many mentioned in videos that it’s hard to keep up with. If I hear or read about one I’d like to be able to look it up and added to a favourites tab for further investigation a topic a later time.


When will Coinpuffs list bitcoin cash as BCash? Cryptopia did it ages ago. Great move on their part.