What I would love to see on coinpuffs


I found this new site not to long ago on reddit called Live Coin Watch. What I love about it the most is that you can create an account and customize every aspect of the market cap rankings from theme to what data you would like in each column and in whatever order you specify.


wow. that is great! will review!


You can also track your portfolio, choose the interval time for updating, create a watch list and so much more.


A link to the coin’s website would be nice when clicking on each coin. This is available on CMC but there’s 500 more coins listed on CoinPuffs. DOH, WAIT A MINUTE! It’s recently been added! Well done guys! The amaze is outstanding!


On the graphs, instead of a ball or dot at the end of the graph (for 24 hour performance), how about an arrow? You know, like a directional arrow just as small as the dot but pointing the way it’s going or trending? Giving the suggestion because I think it would give it a better look. Now it kinda reminds me of the beginning of “Look Who’s Talking”. IDK. Perhaps it could include a pink trending line or something. Don’t get me wrong, I can see all of the hard work that’s been done here, and everything looks fantastic. I just wish the 24 hour performance graph could be different. You know, outstanding from the rest of the sites you are competing with regarding this idea. You know, like a graph so amaze. so kbbq, so ICONIC that you set the standard for every other website instead! Like, a gif file that updates it’s self and moves with flashes with each directional change and then stops but repeats when you mouse over it. CryptoPuffs should be the new standard instead of CMC and the others that has started to spring up and I’d love to help in any way possible. :bitrocket:


Was doing some portfolio consolidation using Coinpuffs. I found myself having to leave CoinPuffs to look up ICO token prices then coming back to CP to calculate future potentials. I don’t know how relevant the ICO prices are for others in the Pub, but at minimum it seems like a good novelty to display next to the price column or down in the ticker description. Thank you guys, keep up the great work!


I like this but that information could prove to be difficult to get I believe.


ICOdrops website gives pretty good ICO prices and historical data. It shouldnt be too difficult to include ICO prices. Now some ICO’s have tier prices yes, which dont necessarily all have to be listed, just the first tier price or fixed price to get a good idea of where it started.
Difficult to get the ICO prices? I guess it depends on who is doing the research and how much information is accessable across multiple ICO reporting platforms. In that case, yes it may be a challenge to get them all.


Also, I thought it would be cool see the Supply, Volume, and MC title column follow me as I scroll down through the coins. I get short term memory loss doing numerical research and constantly find myself having to scroll all the way back to the top just to see the title of that which Im looking at. I can’t be the only one who does this. Ok, thanks again guys/gals


Hi Peter and John, I would love to see a version of coinpuffs like a blockfolio version for users. Maybe it can be implemented within the site itself or an APP on your phone. a Coinpuff coin tracker. Just a thought. Let me know what you guys think.


I know it would be difficult to do for all coins, but if the market segment for each coin was listed it would make researching other coins much easier. Especially if there was an api to pull the list into a spreadsheet and pie chart it.


Suggestion: Add a ‘Newly Added’ drop tab for new coins. I religiously check the newly added under Trending on CMC at least twice a day. I miss most of the ICO’s and track them when they hit the market.

Second: Im constantly checking coins to see what ‘markets’ are supporting the coin. Again, I have to leave CP to CMC to check the supporting markets and then jump back to CP to continue research.

Thank you for lending an ear John. Keep up the good work my brotha: )


I second the “newly added” badge. In fact, I think an “age” column for each coin would be extremely nice!


Live coin watch now gives you the option to exclude Korean Exchanges if you want…just by the click of a button.


I’m sure you are aware of this website, but I find it very interesting as they even provide ‘predictions’ based on different historical metrics (as good as predictions can be) - https://coincheckup.com/. You guys are killing it, keep up the great work. Very excited to be part of this community!


love that site! will definitely review!


Im a simple man.

A dark theme.

But that live watch someone suggested is a great idea.


I love the night theme on live coin watch


How about just the number there ranked from #1 - #1500’s And night mode would also be sweet.
Awesome work though guys. Amazing really if u ask me. Keep up the great work!!!


Where can we see the prices on BTC?

Some suggestions…
On historical data we should be able to see the marketcap and on the main page we should be able to filter the coin listing by the same categories that we see on the “key indicators” of each coin… This would be very handy…