What do you do for a living?


Hello Gabriel, and first of all thank you for your advice. I respect anyone who takes the time to give that, as it’s so easy in todays world to just think me, me, me instead of taking the time to help a fellow human out and that goes for everyone in this Pub. When you say give yourself 2 years, is that to learn what is needed in order to move forward, as in learning to trade/mine/educate yourself?

The thing is Gabriel, I really am not a trader. Iv’e started trying to learn about candlesticks ect but it just doesn’t feel something I’m interested in but of course if money is involved I’m sure i could learn…

Your right mate, i definitely know what discipline is. But the biggest hurdle I’m trying to over come at the minute is, where to start. Im following the B90x program so that has got me started, but more so in having a strategy. For example, OMG went up 15% yesterday, but I could grasp on how to take profit and why should I if I’m holding that coin long term?..You see what I mean?

I won’t ever give up, but it’s finding how to move forward that I’m struggling with. I just see this as a life changing opportunity and something I don’t want to miss which I feel at the minute I might be doing!

All the best, and I appreciate your help and advice in advance. Hopefully one day ill be educated enough to really contribute back to the pub!


You already did @Leo_Beal I’m so excited of our community and the things yet to come. So with everything you do you need to be excited about it. Trading is not that pice of cake for me as well but We not leave that behind becouse is hard, right?
What excitie you the most with crypto? How many Bitcoins you plan to have? Why you need them? Answer yourself on paper. We need to know Why? before We recive answer How? Do you agree? Take a time, explore technology. Those 2 years acctually that’s Peter words. We’re in different situations in life, bussiness, some people lost so much, and is hard, those 2 years are crucial. We never give up becouse we are more than conquerors.
There is so many things.
stick to Peter and you will be at the TOP. Mate you already have ticket to Moon. WTF you talking and concern about. :slight_smile: Look forward to meet you. All best


You’re a beast! fadsfasdf


Then you might be very much interested in what we do www.nuiteq.com/multiteach/


Engineer in UK. 26 years old hoping to retire at 30 hahaha :joy:


I agree with that Gabriel, what a exciting place to be and one that hopefully is only going up and will be around for many many years to come! Yes exactly, we leave it behind because it’s hard haha. The thing is, when I’m reading up on it just can’t help but think this just isn’t sinking in and is this really me? Iv’e always been a long term thinker, almost old fashioned in a way. But maybe that’s why i feel I’m missing out a little, because people are making these substantial short term profits whilst I’m just sitting on what iv’e accumulated and I guess it feels like I’m stagnating a bit!

What excites me is how life changing this could be for me and my family, and that’s why iv’e taken the risk in investing in crypto. It’s either going to change my life for the better or worse that simple mate. I really want to do this for my family too. Those 2 years, but what are they? Time to educate/learn or time to build wealth?

Haha my friend, i think I’m still a way off from a moon ticket and buying myself a house outright(250k). I don’t have crazy crazy dreams of lambos(although that would be mint) Just enough to buy a house outright, rent it out and use that money to go travel the world!

The thing is people ay invest in solid coins now for long term, but as we know 95% of these coins will fade out with time right. So we have to be so careful, and understand what we are investing in and that’s the point I’m at right now. Trying to understand that! Gabriel glad you took the time once again. Hats off to you.


Nice looking tech. I like anything in the TEL space that promotes collaboration, gamification, storytelling and creation in learning. I’m considering a PhD in one of those areas. Though I’d probably rather find some work I could do for myself and become location independent. I’ll take a further look at a few of the blogs in work tomorrow.


Full time poker pro!! Poker players love them cryptos!!


It’s amazing to see how many talented people are here to discuss and collaborate.

I’m a Geographer :sunglasses:



Cool :slight_smile: let me know if you have any questions G.


I produce Techno & Tech House for a living, as well as provide Mixdown & Mastering services - Self employed since '04.

I love what I do, but I’m having a blast investing in Crypto-Assets. Hoping the wonderful world of crypto can allow me to retire from professional music within 10 years.



@Leo_Beal my man. :sunglasses: So with those 2 years I will say what I understand by that. 2 years as first chapter your Blockchain life with everything, learning, actions, mistakes, allowed. After that 2 years can look it back and do conclusion.
I understand you have a lot of things going on and lots of responsibilities which can put too much pressure on you. My advice, brake out of those subconscious meta programs witch wants only perfect equations, whole gains which possibly are. “I could sell hire, why I miss that coin” all this stuff which steals your joy. Also don’t afraid off making mistakes because you can’t avoid them. Learn from them. I know on The PUB we have so many informations that sometimes can even confuse us what to do.
As far as I can see what really will help you is to create master plan and do what you do right now.
Last one. I don’t know your life, but according to my perspective if in your family or friends is someone who doesn’t understand Bitcoin, only what you get is criticism, sarcastic people who act simply stupid, that environment can be as cancer and end in bad way. But as far as I can see you Bro you will be fine, just take your time, and we will see at the top.


Oh, thanks bro! Blockchain is here to stay, and whomever doesn’t get on the wave now is bound to be washed behind.


I am a UX/UI Designer / Product Designer in SF Bay Area for last 20 yrs. Worked at a few large companies whose products you probably have used at some point. Now at my 2nd startup in SF, currently working in the Mission. I was a Head of Design in an asian country for a few years in the middle of this time. Moved back to SF (2010), and can’t believe I missed the Bitcoin early wave. Too much bourbon I presume.


Sounds awesome :slight_smile: dasfdsafdads


I work at a tech company in the SF Bay Area called Zoom Video Communications. It’s a video conferencing application. It’s like the much better version of skype :wink: haha. I work in their Professional Services department as an AV Systems Engineer and Project Manager building conference rooms around the world.

The rest of my time is spent day trading to make more Bitcoin! Hoping to keep up the trading success. I hope to get to a point where I’m working for enjoyment rather than necessity. Slowly getting there!


Project Executive in the commercial glazing market.


A fellow SAPPER. Hello


Haha nice! Private meaaage me mate. Currently on ezersize :joy:


Any engineers/industrial engineers from the U.S. or Canada ? would love to come on contact with you !