What do you do for a living?


Sr. Webcast Producer for a Webcasting company. Also VP of Marketing for my family roofing company.


What I Really do for a living! :cowboy_hat_face:

Naw… Just 'Trollin’ :troll: … anyone watching this in theater 2marrow?

(ok, so maybe I’m not Trollin.) :wink: (lol)


Hi Canen
Great to have you here. There are a fellas that started a really good site/app for roofers. I’ll try & find their info for you.

Found :slight_smile:
My friend Zara helped this company launch. They’re based out of Utah & will be expanding throughout the US & eventually Canada.
Let them know that Angela from Canada suggested them.

This is their launch video.
I don’t know them personally, but I thought it was an ingenious idea for roofers. Please let me know what you think.
Have a super rest of your week.


I like the concept! Reminds me of Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor. Thanks for the heads up.

We have been 5 weeks + out on work since we started in 2012. This year has been nuts with work! Amazing the amount of building happening here in Central Virginia. You can see our work at our website www.mrcva.com

I’m a commercial drone pilot, so all of the videos are filmed by myself.


That’s incredible! When a company is good, people are so willing to wait for top notch work. I’ll go visit your site.


Still need to see the first one


same here used to play it whilst i was at work too :slight_smile:


vCIO for an IT consulting firm in boston


Welcome @hardikpatelsigma
We’d love to learn more about you :grin:


HI got your mail.
but i am new here… how to use this site. can u guide me?


Absolutely. I’m so glad you accepted my invitation.
I’m on my way to sleep. :sleeping:
Please check these out & we’ll guide you if you have questions. :sunglasses:
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We have an amazing team with tons of resources to help you learn. :slight_smile:


so sweet of you.
thank u v much. good night. take care


I am not in the music industry but have heard that songwriter doesn’t make much anymore since everything went digital. Is that not true? If you don’t mind telling what were your big 4 hits.

Great job and good for you. Are you still working on new material?


I actually worked for a company called Xtreme Scaffolding and we got all of our material from Brand.


what i do for a living?

Not enough :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

joking aside. part time mechanical engineer designer and part time wine monger (altough i have not much experience for now… just started :slight_smile:)

EDIT: dang, the last post was a month ago ^^


Im a Engineer in the british army, jesus this crypto game better pay off in a few years! Im 25 and don’t plan on being in the army past my 30th birthday! i need to convert my 7k portfolio into 150k. But how is the question my friends! :confused:

Great to see so many different job roles out there aswell!


5 more years till 30? Easy. Just hold.


Show up to work.
Give yourself min 2 years.
Buy and mine.
Visit PUB everyday
Set goals and hustle them.
Don’t give up

It’s simple but it’s not easy.
You as a soldier you know what discipline is, will be easier for you. Wish you all best


I’m a firefighter / EMT, also work at an airport deicing airplanes ( winter ) and help a coworker in the ( summer ) with his lawn care business.


Exciting thought that Peter! I currently have 1BTC, 280 OMG, 200 QTUM, 3k in BCC and 1k in USI TECH. Withdrawing all cash from those programs to put into a exodus portfolio which I am going to just hold all and add £400 monthly. By the way my friend, iv’e referred the pub to quite a few fellow soldiers I work with. I wouldn’t be surprise if you see in a influx of people joining here within the next week or so!