What do you do for a living?


Fucking savage. LOLOLOL


Oh nice, I’ve always wanted to own a day spa. I love making people feel pampered.
Welcome to the #cryptonation. So happy you’ve decided to join us :grin:


What a clever idea and a creative way to fund your investments!
From the team here at thebitcoin.pub we welcome you with open arms!


I am a Field Engineer with Fujitsu America Inc. I basically drive around from customer to customer fixing stuff all day. From self check out robots at Kroger to registers at TJMaxx, Victoria’s Secret and too many other customers to mention I stay pretty busy. I cover an area 2 hours around Roanoke Virginia but had a time where I was driving to Greensboro NC daily. Computer and server geeky stuff, all day long :yum:


I am a fullstack developer, getting a taste of freelancing, I had work for big companies like for ever. Glad to be able to work in pijamas.


Welcome Glen!! Perhaps while you’re driving around you could listen to Peter’s YouTube videos and learn on the go! :grin: So nice to have you here!


During the day I’m a digital marketer/publicist


Why you so fast? :rocket::thinking::doge:


I visualize being first; aha I’m not entirely sure why I beat everyone to the reply button all the time tbh


Hey, great story, and I agree! To go with Jeremy Clarkson’s words, I need to take it easy because of my issue with manual labor.

What platform do you use to trade crypto?


Thanks. I use Bittrex for most crypto.


I’m a mechanical engineer, and honestly if anyone has any leads on how I could use my degree and experience in manufacturing to allocate towards the blockchain and blockchain technology, I’m highly interested!!


That’s exactly what I do as I drive around! Between Peter, Richard Heart, Boxmining, BritVR, Trevon James, World Crypto Network, and a few others I have plenty of news and updates and learning daily :sunglasses:


That’s so cool. :sunglasses: It’s great that you’re able to do that.


I work in manufacturing in China - we design and make coolers and industrial use plastics for both domestic and international markets.

FYI the pub works just fine there without VPN. Smash that great firewall of China…


So happy to have you here. My fiancé’ dream has always been to visit China. My dream is to make that happen.

From all of us here at the pub, we welcome you with open arms!


Ran a large network tech support team for an ISP startup for ten years. Got burnt out after 12 hour days and being on call 24x7. Switched over to a 9 to 5 sales manager position several years ago that now gives me a much appreciated stress free workday and a ton of free time to spend with my family and play the Crypto game.


Wow, that sounds like it would have been exhausting. I’m glad to hear you are able to have a better work/life balance.

From all of us here at the pub; we are so appreciative that you’re here.


Sr. Webcast Producer for a Webcasting company. Also VP of Marketing for my family roofing company.


What I Really do for a living! :cowboy_hat_face:

Naw… Just 'Trollin’ :troll: … anyone watching this in theater 2marrow?

(ok, so maybe I’m not Trollin.) :wink: (lol)