What do you do for a living?


Haha I studied industrial engg. Working as a Data Scientist now


still in school.

snow day off tho :slight_smile:


Apparel Designer.



Run a liquor store. live in regret that i missed the boat. wish i found this place 6 months ago like you all did. I see the gravy train leave the station and am just trying to sop up some scraps


Software Engineer and Machine Learning Researcher.


This may be a dumb question being that I am in the Pub. Any app developers here from the NYC area, would need to be able to develop an extensive platform? Have a great idea that is related to my line of work. There would be a lot of moving parts too it and would not be a simple platform.


True? Inmate?
Where you at?

And, how can we help you?


I’m in the silicon valley, but I wouldn’t mind working from home during my free time. What’s the platform ?


I would prefer to be able to meet the person. Also, putting the idea out in the open is not something I intend to do either.


I grow plants for a living.


Distribution, Logistics, Data and analysis, and self proclaimed office IT manager of my depatment for a large international oil company. (That last part mainly because I’m the only person who knows how to competently use excel and fix the copier)


Trevon? James? #asdfjkg