What do you do for a living?


I’m so ‘ccon-fuzed’ right now… Did I just give you all my NEO? :cowboy_hat_face:


Interesting post, my answer is I live for a living :dark_sunglasses:


Oilfield Owner of Duval Well Service and Contract Gaugng Company. I see the Future in Bitcoin.


I’m a composer for media - films, TV, games and movie trailers. I specialise in creating epic orchestral cinematic music. Been around the pub for two months under a different name but changed into this name. Not that I am famous or anything but I am keeping Crypto away from my personal/work profile. :smiley: :smiley:


I’m an IT systems engineer.
Focus points.

  • Storage systems (HP, NetApp, Dell)
  • Cloud services (Azure, O365)
  • Virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V)
  • and recently begun investigating future evolution of IT in the blockchain

You would think an IT guy would know more about crypto by now. No longer gonna use the excuse “life got in the way”


Welcome!!! Which country & area are you from? How long have you been in the oil industry. I’m in Edmonton… it’s an oil economy here, without a doubt.


Hahaha how did I not see this?! You love house cleaning & grocery shopping…, you’re feeling compelled to do that for Angela :rofl:


Regarding storage system crypto, you may want to look into Storj, Sia, Burst :slight_smile:


South Texas and have been in the oilfield for 40 years.


Wow, that makes you an expert :slight_smile:


In the oilfield you never stop learning it seems something new everyday but in my line of work I do have experience to do a good job.


United States/East Texas here. Full time Registered Nurse x16 years in ICU and hemodialysis and part time Cryptonaut. Hopefully with a bit of time and effort can change that to Full Time Cryptonaut and then continue to help people in a different way like Peter has done for me!


Man. That’s dedication. It’s all paying off my friend!


I work for a movie research company in production dept. and on the side I’m a freelance 3d/digital artist.


Healthcare Administrator, partner in a bar tool company and technical consultant to the elderly.


Welcome, you’re the first nurse I have met here. We’ve been waiting for one :). I truly admire nurses. If I was good at multitasking, remaining cool under stress, etc I would have loved to be one. My grandma was a nurse, and even though she’s 90, in her heart she’ll always be one. I believe there is a special place in heaven for caretakers like you :slight_smile:
I’m so happy to here another person inspired by Peter.


Wow, you lead a very busy life. That’s great to here!!! Welcome, so glad to hear from you :slight_smile:


Your job sounds so cool. I’ve never thought about the movie industry needing researchers before., now I know :slight_smile: 3D … so cool.
Maybe you could create a 3D character of Peter & John one day :blush:


Thank you for the kind words. It’s great to be here…wonderful community. I enjoy being a nurse and am proud to say my son followed the same path. He is 23 and been an RN for a little over a year now. He worked ER and now got recruited for CVICU…I’m so proud! I’ve only been in the crypto world for a little less than 4 months but jumped in to research and learn all I could. After I research in depth I told my son about it and helped him get started. Nice to meet you Angela, its exciting to think we are all in this at such an early stage still! I wish us all the chance for a better life for us and family.


I’m a jazz musician. So basically what that means is, I play pop gigs, teach HS kids how to play saxophone, take whatever photography work comes my way, sell photos and artwork online, and write python scripts and postgres for my father-in-law. i also produce and engineer recordings, make electronic music, and stay up all night doing yoga, meditating or drinking craft beer and then jogging.

once in a while a make $120 for a four hour cocktail set with really good jazz musicians and it’s all worth it. then I get home and immediately dump it into whatever coin is just about to moon.