What do you do for a living?


I used to manage an Audi Porsche franchise (and several others before that) but earlier this year I made the decision to start a real estate investment company


Those are absolutely adorable!


Wow, that sounds like an exciting new adventure!!
Btw, Audi is my dream car :slight_smile:


That’s super sweet. So everything you do is custom, I assume :smiley:


we do everything from a simple stereo install to building full custom trunks, speaker pods, etc


Work on crypto currencies, most recently and now more permanently; https://SmartCash.cc


That’s what so many men would love to do for a living, I’m sure. :grin:


wow everyone has such fabulous jobs here!
It’s crazy to see how people from all walks of life enter the crypto world. Regardless if it be mechanic, chef, and a doctor. Shows how diverse the crypto world is! We should have more threads like this going!!~ Diversity = Good


thank you:blush::blush:


I know, it’s so impressive. I just love all the different countries & backgrounds. Makes for a much more interesting group.


I guess it’s time to join the thread :smiley:
I’m a senjor software developer with over 12 years of experience in various fields, such as advanced networking applications, cellular automata based implementations for traffic and fire spreading simulations, agile methods (@peter comes to mind now :smiley: ) and lot more. Working in Italy for a very small and versatile company and looking to get those GAINSSSsss lol :smiley:


Well it’s about darn time!!! :joy: Just teasing. We really appreciate you participating and sharing your background.
A pleasure to meet you.


Hi… Im a full time cryptocurrency trader. Ex IT & a Failed Mechanic retire. stuck with technical stuffs almost entire life. Good to see u all crypto minded


Full time Physical Therapist Assistant at a skilled nursing home (working mainly with elderly) by day and crypto trader /hodler / researcher by night.


I work on the boring side of Cybersecurity.
Yes, there is such a thing as the boring side.
Working toward the fun side.


Looks awesome!!! What currency is that???..you should maybe make one that say BItcoin for hugs


Hey its Philippine Peso currency im from Philippines. I know i can add that as a new design for those people here in my country who invest in cryptocurrency :slight_smile:


Sweeet! :cowboy_hat_face:


Seems to me theres more than enough talent on this thread to create our own coin :bitrocket:
If it all goes wrong we have our in house hypnotherapist to help us forget…:wink:


Oh yes, I agree. I keep thinking; I think we’ve got every walk of life imaginable here - it’s so great. :smiley:

I hope I don’t ever have to use hypnosis to make anyone forget anything :upside_down_face: Just learn; and move on. :dancer:
But just in case - I’ll have my watch ready :rofl:IMG_3585