What do you do for a living?


Who knows; maybe one day you’ll be selling rockets :grin:


Data & science… you’ve come to the right place for that, I can assure you. Grab a mug and relax. :grin:


Bon Appetit :exclamation: :man_cook:


That’s crushing it! Zomg


Did you make this?!? Looks amazing! Please come cook for me and @peter :smile: and the 2 little doges!!!


Yes, it was one of my photo shoot dishes. :cowboy_hat_face: Local lamb, for a rancher event here. We seriously ‘rock it hard’ @ The Food Studio here in Bozeman. :+1:


Oh my goodness… now that looks so delicious. One day I would love to try your cooking. I’ll even do the dishes :yum:
I think you have all our mouths watering :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind setting a place for two more :nerd_face: Terence & I will join you :wink:


That’s Bozeman Montana, right? Been there a couple of times. Why oh why didn’t I meet you sooner!!! :sunglasses:


I think Susan & I might have to play Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets you! :joy: @booins


You are always welcome to check our events calendar. We do wine dinners (mostly 7-12 course pairings) once a month for 38-45 people. We are not a restaurant, so we don’t take reservations. Daniel (Head Chef/Owner) can always find accommodations for events if you are in town/


Sweet. Thank you.
It’s so fun getting to know people on here. It’s the best pub in town!! Have a super evening & thanks again for sharing.


I hold a B.S. in Film Production and an A.A. in music.

Currently I’m a music instrument instructor and audio engineer at my “day” job, but I also earn a good portion of my income as a freelance film composer, and occasionally take on some freelance film production work.

I’m also currently working towards an A.A.S. degree in Respiratory Care.


Wow, you’re a diverse person. High five on your studies!


Thanks. I really love being in school and have an appetite for learning new things. I have always been fascinated by the healthcare industry and wanted to work towards having a career in which I was helping others, but I still plan to continue my freelance work when I finish my degree.

Hypnotherapy sounds like it would be challenging, yet very rewarding work. Props to you too!


When I had my first two son’s, it was the respiratory therapists that saved their lives. They both had meconium in their lungs from difficult births. I can list so many examples of where RT’s made such an impact in the lives of their patients. I have one, as a matter of fact; for my sleep Apnea. She keeps a close eye on my machine read outs. You’re going to touch many people. :slight_smile:


Mohs reconstructive surgeon and dermatologist in Houston. Just completing the final phases of training as I enter the crypto world. All of my health professional colleagues I interact with scoff my cryptocurrency ventures when they look over my shoulder as I glance at the exchanges between cases. I shall stick to the plan and #cryptonation!


I think that for many people, if it’s not on CNN, & other mainstream media, it’s not relevant.
Congratulations on your achievements! What kind of reconstructive surgery do you specialize in?
I’ve always wanted a third arm, especially when I was raising my kids. :grin:


Making statement onesies for babies. :blush:


To start off I am a High School drop out and I can say if your willing to put in the work and stay motivated to reach your goals anything and everything is achievable.

I am an owner/operator of a successful custom car audio fabrication shop…in short “a car stereo shop” lol
food for thought…you want to be successful then surround yourself with successful/motivated people…feed of each others vibes and energy and pay no attention to the trolls…

who wants an ipad in there dash