What do you do for a living?


Im a Critical Care nurse in the UK, wanna make enough to move to Ireland near Cork, have a small holding and work part time and spend time with my kids, making bread, keep chickens ETC and just feel free.


Hi all I’m new to the pub
I’m a Technical Analyst been trading stock markets and currencies for 20 years
Building chart pattern models using Vedic mathematics
If anyone who is a newbie to trading chart patterns and would like help message me I’m happy to help
I can’t see a message board for charting if it’s possible we can set one up so can help people in how to use indicators and see trading patterns
Thx all


hehe spoko , ladnych dziewczyn wszedzie duzo , a szczegolnie w polsce :slight_smile:

I’m in Chicago right now , but when in Poland by the sea side , Gdynia - Jastrzebia Gora


That is exactly what i’d like to educate myself on


So i’m using MA exp Ribbon , SMA 10 , EMA 50

am i going in the right direction here?


Yes, Polish women are beautiful, fair enough :smiley:
Ah well, life is good. I can’t wait what it will throw at me. Until now it’s been a crazy but great journey.

Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot - nice cities, I used to really like being near the water there, when visiting my gf when she was studying there



Master of Arts in Digital Marketing at MMU. While studying I built the largest Tattoo community worldwide on FB (15 million fans) - Self employed since then. Also co-founded the Rebelsmarket speaking of Alternative :slight_smile:


lol same here, thought I was the only one, everyone here is like a professional.


Mowing and garden care in Australia - west side of Brisbane : www.tidyplace.com.au
Would love to earn some cryptos instead of dollars.


At this stage of the game anyone in cryptos is automatically on the high functioning end of the scale. Formerly mech eng with B.Eng


Indeed. that’s a good thing. we are very early.


There s no such thing as a “mere” waiter, or any job for that matter, it would be great if one day people realize we all perform a role in the society we have created, and all of them matter and we started everybody with the same level of respect.

As for me i am an architect, not the cool ones as the @peter thebitcoin.pub architect but one of those boring ones that just makes buildings aha


I was a Navy Diver in the South African Navy from my late teens through to my early 30s , i now own a signage manufacturing company and im closing in on 40 :slight_smile:
We going to the moon though so age doesnt matter


Just a cook? I don’t know a single person who doesn’t appreciate a good meal. :grin: I would rather do the dishes than cook. People like you are my palate heroes!!!


I am an Air Traffic Controller in Latvia, Riga. Recently got my ticket to the moon! Love this community, cheers guys :wink:


I work as Infosec Engineer.


That’s fantastic!!! Thank you for keeping our skies safe :slight_smile:


Welcome, Flamingo. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions & engage. We love that here.


Working as Freelance Revenue Manager (Kind of a data scientist into touristic sector) for hotels.

Analyzing demand the whole day and building the best-optimized pricing strategies.

Using Excel 8 hours a day, then using excel at home for cryptooooo !!!


Car sales for now and looking forward to becoming an Astronaut! lol