What do you do for a living?


I work as a medical doctor, GP, in Stockholm Sweden.


haha i agree trades keep things running smoothly, although it seems most journeyman from the older generation are stuck in their ways and arent willing to take on newer apprentices with the risk of losing money, about 90% of the class I graduated with couldnt find jobs either. its sad that it really is all about who you know in the industry, and as for the farm we’re doing local crops ie tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, potatoes, and various berries, starting in local farmers markets and branching out to co-op stores in the city and surrounding towns. We have the drive and hard work ethic to make it happen so hopefully everything goes smoothly :slight_smile:


Dentist here… same problem as @TUINSLANG. Not much time on my hands; 90% of it I’m wearing gloves and not able to look at a computerscreen…


amazing!!! where do you teach out of? I’m an avid BJJ practitioner


Background in Comp Sci, lost my shirt in the .com days using those lessons and applying them now. Have worked with SAP (ERP) on the technical implementation side of things for the last 18 years for clients such as Nike, Kodak etc. Did the consulting thing having worked for the Big 5. Left consulting recently to become a residential mortgage broker…hate it. Leaving that to become a #cryptopirate. I have started various companies in Fashion/retail, Film, Tech (currently working on a mobile app). I’ve invested in real-estate in the past and have decided to focus more of my efforts and resources to Crypto. Spending much of my time studying and learning as much as I can in this space as well as the Cannabis space. I live in Canada and predict the Cannabis space to be another to the mooooon opportunity. Glad to have found this forum to learn and spread the knowledge.


umm…wow! Professor! I just looked you up. It’s an honor to have you here!

John Will is one of Australia’s most prestigious Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts, who many believe is part of the famous “Dirty Dozen” group – the first 12 non Brazilians to receive a black belt in BJJ, having in fact coined the term in an interview. John Will was a pioneer in the Australasia region, having paved the way for many of the newer generation of grapplers in the area. Will has also awarded some of the most recognizable black belts in the Australian continent, competitors such as George Sotiropoulos, Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh.


Data Center Critical Systems Engineer here. Basically manage power, cooling, and capacity metrics for a very large data center 300k sq/ft 10MW site. I should add that this DC is for one of the evil institutions so I look at my trading and investments in cryptos is like playing Roulette and betting on both black and Red.


I, myself, am a musician and a writer. Drummer for ‘The Bourgeois’. Session drummer at Bell Labs Studios. Music writer at The Tulsa Voice(Interview with Tom Morello in link).

Recently, added “investor” to the list. $BTC $ETH $OMG (can’t mentally handle more than 3 crypto’s, at the moment)


hah … thank you for ther overly kind sentiment. But here, I am in a category below ‘noob’ - if such a thing exists.
Training will no doubt suffer this evening, as I was struggling till 4am this morning - trying to sort out wallet issues … I have 11 coins … and am trying to sort out ‘storage’.
It is anything but neat and organised … a couple in exodus, a couple in their own native wallets, a couple on exchanges (yuck!!!) and I am trying to jump through the hoops to get some of them on the Nano ledger.
Where is the ‘one wallet to rule them all’ … I’d pay a lot for such a thing.
If you can point me in toward anyone who is good at such things and willing to help - I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.


executive chef taking a break to raise his two little girls (for a bit)// pretend crypto day trader but more so a long term hodlr. cryptos are so addicting!


thanks for the kind words, really means something to me. Fortunately it was just material losses, I see it as an expensive lesson:)


Thanks Appreciate the feedback.

ill keep the camera ready for the moonshots!



Witam! :slight_smile:
Mieszka…łem w Łodzi, ale teraz nie jestem pewny, bo mam małą sytuację z mojej dziewczyny…
so basically I am right now not so sure anymore if I still live in Poland, haha :slight_smile:
hell why not share personal stuff here, it’s life, I am not ashamed of it.

A ty? Gdzie mieszkasz? Where do you live?


My good friend is a bb under Bob Bass, Vancouver has a huge BJJ scene. I’ve been training on and off for 10years and am full of injuries. I’m the oldest, oldest blue belt haha, shooting for purple in the next few weeks… i hope

As for wallets, you are on the right track. I use Jaxx for my mobile/desktop wallet, just trying out Exodus now. Also, have a Nano, but haven’t had a chance to use it just yet. I’m cleaning all my accounts up and streamlining things. Which coins are orphaned? I have XRP (Ripple) sitting on its own on an exchange and sure enough had an issue with it.

======this is happened on Coinpayments. I just got the remainder of my coins back a few days ago ========

Dear users of CoinPayments,

I wanted to give you a midweek update and personally tell you about the progress we have made regarding the recent Ripple incident. As pioneers in new frontiers solutions don’t always come without challenges. Although contact has been made with many of the suspects, the funds have not been returned as hoped. This has made it very clear that most of the withdrawals were not done accidentally, but with malicious intent. We are now moving forward with prosecution of the perpetrators to the full extent of the law. This will set a precedent in this territory and deter future financial crimes in the space.

All the reimbursements to this date have come straight from the pockets of the CoinPayments team. Over the past week we have been able to acquire 55% of all of the XRP coins that were stolen through an enduring process with Ripple’s OTC desk. The funds have been distributed evenly amongst all accounts that were affected by this tragic loss. Moving forward, 50% of all CoinPayments’ revenue will be dedicated to acquiring XRP coins and reimbursing our users until we can put this incident behind us.


Very nice work. I am sure your efforts are deserved of the purple.
Bob is a good friend - and one of the original crew. We all started in a garage in Torrance!
I must say - my innate sense of ‘order’ makes me grind my teeth when it comes to sorting out all these coins … I have eleven of them … but must admit not to giving the slightest consideration to ‘storage’ when I bought.
Damn! With the Nano - I think I will just store my main value there - Ethereum and Bitcoin - as I intend to hold for the long term.
Use the chrome apps that you can download from the ledger site … they will give you access to (essentially) … two wallets - a bitcoin wallet and an ethereum wallet.
You keep the shortcuts/icons to the app on your desktop or on the dock (if using a mac) - so pretty easy.
The rest of the coins - I will hold in a variety of wallets. VERY ANNOYING!!!
I look forward to Bitquence getting up and going - where I might be able to park all my stuff (maybe with the exception of Bitcoin and Ethereum which I’ll keep in my safe - on the Nano Ledger). That would streamline things a bit.
Today trying to get my ripple off an exchange - and tidy up some others.
Best wishes to an aging Blue belt - soon to don the purple.
My facebook … https://www.facebook.com/john.b.will.7


:raising_hand_man: pilot here to bro , I hear you on the studying part , wish they allow the wifi access for us :joy: B777-300


added you, we have some mutual friends (Mike, Stephan and Tom)


I love your attitude!! :slight_smile:


There is so much going on in this field.


There is I work on stem cell reprogramming and making retinas.

Actually, one of my old Profs and collaborators is in Georgia. I could go visit him and Peter sometime!

See you there!!!


Airline isn’t for me at the moment. Thinking of heading back on contract soon to get the tax free $!