What do you do for a living?


Innovation & Strategy consultant from Paris-France, who is very excited to join the #cryptonation and to own the :ticket: for the :rocket::new_moon:


CEO of a construction company :smiley:


I founded a Mechanical Engineering Laboratory in 2002 with my brother and a good friend
I am now transitioning into a full time Cryptonaut!


You are welcome to visit , The Polish sea side is a beautiful place , perfect for sitting by the sea side and executing profitable trades :slight_smile:


food and beverage technologist & R&D Scientist :smiley: Love it!


I play the Keybaord and any EDM incorporated in the music! And SIIIINNNNGGG


I’m designer unicorn at a certificate authority involved in PKI based digital signatures and timestamping ,)


I’m working at National Geographic at the moment, but I am into horror/thriller types of movies. That’s what I’m writing and making besides the full time at Natgeo! Thanks for asking!


I used to help people improving their energy and alignment. I also did photography for few years. Mostly I enjoy working for a few hours with good pay and less headache. That life was already good since I worked with many amazing great anergy people (Superstars, CEO etc). However I was still looking for the next step up. You see, I am a lazy type. I don’t want to physically work too much unless I enjoy it. Now I believe I found what I have been looking for, Ii’s crypto. I now trade full time. This allows me to live the life I want. Travel whenever, go wherever.
I’m grateful I found BitesizeBitcoin and Peter. That feeling of finding a goldmine and you want to talk to people who understand what you are talking about is priceless. I tried convincing my family and friends for since 2013 to buy Bitcoin. This year seems to be easier to convince them. I hope more will join us. #tothemoon


I’m a poker player.

So gambling on the crypto market came natural when poker sites began paying me in BTC last year.


Self-employed software developer from the Netherlands, having been on Datawarehousing projects all over Europe and also a cool time in San Mateo CA, USA years back. Currently vegetating in mainly Germany, and Poland.
Lost a shitload of money (2 years of income) playing around with gold and stocks, now trying to be a bit more careful in the bitcoin market.

Had ALMOST clicked the BUY NOW button in back April 2013 on 3k USD in bitcoins and then, still shaken from the investment losses, decided to go get a hamburger instead and switched off my pc.



Hey man , where are you when youre in Poland .

And i hope you already got your BTC


Mechanical Engineer here in the New England area. I got my bachelor last summer. Heard about BTC from a friend when it was around $12. In 2013, I worked all my courage and bought 1 BTC for $900 (all of my money then) on its way up, crashed down to $300 the week after. I thought I would never get involved in crypto again, but here I am. Got my first real paying job this February and went all in on ETH when it was around $13, that’s when I started trading.


Congratulations on your engineering degree, Anniversary! :tada:
So glad to hear that the dips didn’t scare you off investing.
Experiences like these are important for those of us who are new to crypto not to get discouraged. Welcome!!


Second year Electrician, but haven’t been able to find places looking to hire so been stuck working in retail :confused:. Currently working on opening up a farming business with my brother, so when I saw how much Bitcoin was moving up I thought this would be a great way to make some good money and invest in my future.


Being self-employed takes a lot of skills that people don’t realize. I’m sorry to hear about your losses. I’m certain many of us can relate, and feel your pain. The great news is that you have an entire family here to help guide you in your decisions. We’ll ride this together!!! We really appreciate you choosing to be a part of us :grin:


I just do Uber and also UberEats in Orange County Ca. for my side hustle! There’s extra funds to buy crypto too!


Reimbursement Analyst for a Non-Profit Hospital Organization, mainly focusing on collecting missed revenue from government, commercial, and Medicaid health plans.


Business Consultant and Manager in the Fashion Industry mostly work on the platforms and data interchange transmissions between businesses


I believe that trades are the backbone of all industries. Without you, we’d all be sitting in the dark :).
What kind of farm will you have? Living in the city, I am so jealous :grin: One day you’ll be the farmer with the fanciest tractor!!! Thank you for sharing with us!