What do you do for a living?


In a world that promotes the mediocrity of having a degree to make it big…what do you guys do for a living?


I’m currently a college student that was interested in Cryptocurrency in 2014 (BTC was about $200?), but the FUD got to me so I never invested. I just recently started investing and I’m already seeing gains! Love being part of this community. I’m hoping to have enough to be prepared for life after school : P


Attorney living on the arse end of the world. I have been looking at BTC since 2012 and kept saying “well it cant possibly get any higher” this year I heard about the rise of ETH and decided enough is enough and started putting some money into this.


I’m a games designer here over in the UK. I’ve worked on titles such as Fable, Hitman, Dead Island, Homefront and Snake Pass.

As much as I LOVE my job it’s very taxing and we do a lot of overtime. I would love to be able to spend a lot more time with my wife and son instead, which is why I’m investing what I have into Crytpo right now.


Warehouse manager. Looked into crypto in order to make enough to retire very soon, do freelance work, and enjoy life.


I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Warning you now. Never look into my eyes.


I am a highly trained, poorly paid web developer.

All being well however, that will end next year :slight_smile:


Web developer here. Hoping to capitalize on my passion of tech with digital currency!


Hey Cool Discussion,

I am lighting designer for events/shows in Australia.

I have also recently started a company doing Aerial Photography / Cinematography.

Just started my website but its actually not meant to be live yet ! check it out here > http://eliteview.com.au


I`m a Buyer for a Norwegian company building High End oil platforms. The safest, most environmental friendly ( as far as that is possible ) and extreme platforms in the world.

A summary: A lot of time traveling and sitting behind my desk, so a lot of time to spend on the Bitcoin pubbbbb!! :smiley:


.Net Developer, TypeScript, Angular blah, blah other technology stacks…


I mostly build financial applications using Java. Currently building a banking application for a micro-finance that provides credit to the unbanked and the poor.
Work recently got better and 5pm is 5pm. More time to spend with my family


good stuff. My work is very flexible with Work/Life balance. I work in the evening 1 day a week giving me a full day with my children…it’s been fantastic.


Corporate Pilot, so my desk has a pretty good view! Only downside is finding time to study crypto’s around my schedule!


WOW lucky you. :clap:t6::clap:t6:


Fulltime Industrial Engineering and Management student. 2 years to my Bachelor. Doing some odd jobs to get some spending money. Planning on getting my pilot license afterwards (also called my moon goal ;))


So many skilled people, cant stop thinking this is a pretty strong community.

Whats the plan with all these people @peter ?



I work at a University in Europe as a research assistant. I also have a second job in a consulting company. Doing my masters on the side. I’m telling my colleagues about crypto whenever I can but there is a lot of prejudice. I just recently started looking into crypto as a research topic. It is very promising. I’ll let you know if I speak at a crypto conference or something. That would be awesome. I’m eventually trying to make a course around applied cryptography, cryptocurrencies and blockchain to teach my students but that is probably going to take a while…


manage a sports club


Freelance Web and software developer here. I’ve almost saved enough to work 80% on my own projects and do a bit of maintenance on my best clients to keep things ticking over. I have a few ideas for developing stuff involving crypto.