What caused the financial crisis?


Why the insult to shape shifting alien lizards?


Because when you listen you listen via the filter of your pre-conceived notions,that’s the whole point.

What kind of study? Observation of what?


That’s cute. You have shared some complete garbage but I have the filter.

I’m a bit older than you and a lot smarter than you but mostly reading and observing the world. Especially observing how my anti-war friends suddenly disappeared as soon as a guy with a D next to his name was elected, despite the killing getting worse. So the guy that read Zinn and thought Chromsky was awesome opened up the books again and started from scratch and found one common theme in 99% of the worlds problems, government.

Try volunteering for a few weeks in a soup kitchen and see what Government has done to the poor. How dependent they have become. How scared they are to improve because they might lose “their benefits”. It is pretty eye opening and appears to turn even some of the most radical leftists into minarchists or anarchists. It’s also pretty good for the soul or whatever is the equivalent to an atheist…

But you are open to ideas it appears so maybe look again. You claim to love Spooner, he hated Government. You have a respect for Thiel, one of those pesky libertarians, and I guess you are partially favorable to Ayn Rand so maybe look at the world again without YOUR filter. You could start with Bastiat’s The Law.

“Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”
― Frederic Bastiat


More baseless conclusions

That’s the only common theme you found in the midst of your “deep thought” analysis? Not Multinational monopoly power,not crony capitalism,not wealth disparity,not any one of a long list of problems that span the globe,it’s government.

Right,people are poor and homeless because they are scared to lose their benefits,convenient way to explain away wealth disparity. I notice you have no commentary on corporate welfare which is where most government subsidies go.



All due to government, especially crony capitalism.

And wealth disparity, got to love that one. Peter is making $7 an hour and Paul is making $10. They both receive a 10% raise. OMG, the wage gap is increasing!


Crony capitalism is really a misnomer for something else:

Theft of public funds by corporations, mediated through elected or other public officials.

That’s pretty much it, and the rest is just dressing – how exactly the funds are stolen, whether it be through new tax code design, exceptions to regulations that would under the law lead to fines and/or jail time, or vote-buying / campaign donation collecting schemes in exchange for actual disbursement of public funds, or, as is popular now, crushing of competition that would ultimately decrease prices and therefore increase the available funds in the pockets of the public.


100% right about this. . Theft of public funds by corporations, mediated through elected or other public officials.

So who would the corporations pay off if there was no government to pay off. Why was Hill successfully when he told the Government, keep your dirty money while the rest of the RR tycoon’s were holding there hands out and using the G to rob the people?

“. Using information and statistics from Mother Jones, Think Progress and CNN Money,” Great sources there.


Again you only address 50% of the equation.


Really? Please tell me how I only address the one side. The corporation, something that only exists in Government has been an extension of the Government since the 19th century. They would not be the size they are without the protection of the racketeers. Just like the bar owner that didn’t object to the mafia did better than the one that would tell them to get lost

And you are about to witness it again, probably in just a few short years. Amazon will push for a $15 minimum wage while automating everything they can. Then they will lay off the low skill workers and replace them with machines. Their competitors will be unable to afford automation and will eventually go out of business and then Amazon will raise the prices. Crony Capitalism at its best, right in front of our eyes,.




Read an article about this a few years ago, love that the town is still holding strong.


Pollution Inequality and Income Inequality


“Crony capitalism” is simply the logical extension of the fundamental social relationships of business and capitalism, including hierarchical power-relationships and dependency on money as a means to survive in the system.

In business there is no attempt made to mask the fact that “who you know” is more important than “what you know” and conformity (“playing it safe” to remain “employable”) is rewarded in the labor market - especially so for professionals and those who would be considered to be “successful”.

It’s ridiculous to expect politicians to abruptly forgo the personality traits, behaviors and ambitions that made them successful in the non-political spheres of capitalist society. “Crony capitalism” is ultimately a redundant phrase as cronyism is inherent to the functioning of a capitalist system.


Well said.

Unethical behavior is what it is.
Doesn’t matter what system it’s under.


Exactly which is why we should get rid of the politicians.

We do not have capitalism in any sense, just corporatism. Capitalism requires sound money, we do not have it. Capitalism requires free trade. Don’t have that either. Capitalism requires the bad investments to be removed from the market, we have too big to fail. Just like your attacks on libertarians and theists, you are attacking something you don’t understand. But, when your idol combs his hair with a balloon, I shouldn’t be surprised.


The next financial crisis - https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-08/ron-paul-warns-50-stock-market-decline-comingand-theres-no-way-stop-it


You are still butthurt about the theist argument and trying to lump it into the discussion,you poor thing.

In actuality,the US has a mixed economy, as do other prosperous industrial nations. Individuals have a great deal of choice about where they work, where they live, whether they start businesses, and how they run businesses. Governments operates some parts, encourage parts, direct parts, and regulate parts of the economy.

The government is not monolithic or even very consistent. Some government actions help corporations. Some government actions help workers. Some government actions encourage home ownership, charitable giving, education, and savings. The government sometimes bails out businesses considered ‘too big to fail’ or too important to national defense. But the government also lets most failing companies fail.

The government also changes over time. Once, government encouraged and helped labor unions. Now it discourages them. Tax rates increase, decrease, and change to encourage and discourage activities. Laws change to prohibit, allow, or encourage different behaviors. Safety nets grow and shrink.

An advantage of a mixed economy is, the ‘mix’ can change in response to changing conditions. It’s not an accident that all prosperous industrial nations have mixed economies. It’s optimization.


I am not butthurt. Why would I be? I won both of those. But it is your tactic. Make up a fallacy and attack that fallacy. You must have read Alinsky.

Whether you think a mixed economy is good or bad is one thing, my point was that it is not Capitalism.

And more importantly, most, if not all of the attacks show that government is grossly incompetent and the unintended consequences are worse than the problems they claim to solve. Governments also kill at an incredibly high rate.