What are you playing? What platform? What are your all time favorites?


Playing Farcry 5, Civilization 6, Diablo III Hardcore, Darksouls III
I think Civilization is an all time winner, just a great game. I have played them all.
Diablo is also a classic I always come back to.


Right now im playing dragon ball xenoverse 2 , gta 5 a little bit of COD , Overwatch and friday the 13th on ps4. My all time favorite games are zelda ocarina of time and GTA san andreas … I could replay those 2 games over and over again!!


For me it’s gotta be csgo… On PC OBVIOUSLY!


Rainbow six siege on PC for me.


PS4. Just finished God of War 4. Great game. I wish the Mass Effect Andromeda series was never shelved/put on haitus.

Waiting for Anthem, FF7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, and thinking about getting Titanfall 2 if I can find it for under 11 bucks still.

I did just finish watching, “Ready Player One”.

Seriously, it made me think of what the future of decentralized blockchain games can become. I’d seriously be down to put some elbow grease, and possibly upload my data into that venture.


I started Assassin’s Creed: Rouge (PS3) during Christmas and stopped halfway to focus on studies. After exams, I’ll finish it off.

All time favourites are Assassin’s Creed Ezio Trilogy, Hitman (all), Uncharted (all), Warcraft 3 (all expansions), Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth (all - similar to Warcraft). Had tons of fun playing Tekken 3 back in the day!

Still have a number of games to complete on my PS3, then I’ll move over to the PS4.


dope. Warcraft 3 and Tekken. Those two games have a special place in my heart.


PC I spend 14 years playing only Blizzard games they did such a good job all these years too keep me hookin on their games with update, extension etc. Used too spend 14 hours playing Wow and Diablo, I had too stop because of the negative impact on my life so now I play a little bit of Hearthstone in the morning and Overwatch from 8:00 too 11.00 pm. Recently they announced Call of Duty Black OPS 4 on the Battle NET platform I might give him a try.


Was on an SNES emulator a few months back and almost got through all of Secret of Mana.

Never played it as a kid before. I can see how it was a “game-changer” for its time, but definitely no FFVII.


My most played game series ever is Championship/Football Manager. Played it for over 20 years.

The first version I played was '93, but haven’t played the most recent ones, cos I know I can’t stop if I start again. :rofl:

2 other of my favorite games ever is Deus Ex (the original) and TES: Morrowind.

Honorable mentions goes to Boulder Dash and Test Drive on C64

Currently pretty much only playing Destiny 2 on PS4… I have The Witcher 3 and I’m looking forward to play it, but I spend too much time making music at the moment to get sucked into a game :slight_smile:


Wow, you sir, are an old school OG gamer. I started on Nintendo Duckhunt, and of course Mario. Mario 2 was my fav, but for some reason I played 3 more. Also, Ninja Gaiden, and another ninja game called “Ninja Crusaders”. Man these new youngsters dont know how good they have it.

Ive been torn between having to choose either TitanFall 2 or Destiny 2. Im more of a campaign kind of guy, but up until Oryx was heavily into Destiny 2.

If you want (any one else as well, just be sure to mention youre from the “pub”) feel free to add SirBrian831 on psn.


For all us PC gamers g2a.com takes bitcion as payment :wink: also a great place to buy games.


14 hours?! God damn you deserve “insane in the membrane” achieve lol