What are the best exchanges for Alt Coins for an Institutional Account? (My Roth IRA LLC)



I used Perpetual Assets to open a Roth IRA LLC account. This is fully self-directed. I was able to (finally) open a bank account where I can send my money to Coinbase. Now, I would like open an institutional account to purchase alt coins.

Where do people here have experience opening an institutional account with an exchange to purchase alt coins?

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I’d like to take care of this. Grateful for this community.
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Long term hodler, nice! :slight_smile:

I can’t help you much, since I am not in the US and not familiar with tax and IRA laws over there.

Here’s some info that you may have already seen:


and this:



Have you found an exchange for altcoins that allowed you set up your business account yet? I submitted an application for binance in order to trade alt coins, but haven’t heard back in a few weeks. Was thinking of just using the desktop client under the email address of my business llc to trade/buy altcoins. I’d say as long as your buys/sells/transfers don’t break any of the rules, and easily audited,it should be fine. I’m still a little apprehensive to do so though.