What are my options if I want to buy lots of BTC?


An associate of mine is connected to a guy who has a pretty big appetite for Bitcoin.
Where does one go to if one wants to buy lots of BTC? Or maybe someone here knows
someone who might wanna unload lots of BTC in exchange for USD?

Your help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:



Asking here for someone to unload BTC is pretty much the last thing we want :slight_smile:


shouldn’t be hard to find btc lol are you a bot? :slight_smile:


If you are truly asking this question then you are dealing with amounts of money that warrant someone’s attention that actualy understands to go to multiple exchanges or have contacts to do such a purchase and wouldn’t rely on a forum.

KIraken, Gemini, GDAX, Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, and many others.


Thanks for your input – but trust me, that won’t work.


Ya never know till you ask. People still have use for USD


You referring to little trickles the exchanges offer you? Bots can’t purchase BTC, not to my knowledge – maybe bots will do that later on LOL



how much you need? How to contact you?


Everyone should be aware doing this in the US is illegal and people have been put in jail as this is considered a money transfer business transaction and thus needs to be licensed to do such transactions. Do what you want with this but there are several instances of people being put in jail over this in the US.


Email me at: QBizMgmt@gmail.com
I will privately share with you the amounts being sought.


Doing what EXACTLY is illegal? If you’re referring to the transaction I am pursuing you have yet to discover the fine details so making a blanket statement like that is misguided to say the least.


Anyone buying very large amounts of bitcoin would NOT be doing so on an exchange. It would be an OTC trade with an escrow. Therefore btc pricing is not affected. Ppl buying large amounts on exchanges are just noobs and shooting themselves in the foot.


I am well aware of that… Why do you think I am inquiring here and not wasting my time with exchanges?


Selling BTC from one person to another as a business for FIAT in the US is illegal with out a money transmission business license. There are no fine details to discover look it up. So my statement is not misguided in the slightest sense.

Here is some third party information for you to help you discover the finer details so that you are not mis-leading others.


Either way I am stressing caution and stressing caution is not mis-guided in the slightest bit. Trying to say my statement is misguided is misguided.


Does that make local bitcoins.com illegal?


I wouldn’t advise using them due to the above articles and that was just my guidance. I am not sure what repercussions the buyer has everything I have seen relates to the seller. So take that as you may I am just trying to make sure people are aware that this is real and is happening across the US. This is also why I do not mind paying the Coinbase Fee’s.


Watch out you might end up on one of those FEMA Barges stationed off Hawaii if you not careful…


I still assert the statement is misguided because you assume too much … I am not saying I don’t appreciate the concern and the heads up, I do… you assume the party inv


What ever man you have been given a heads up. My statement is not misguided as I have provided my reasoning and the evidence I have found to back that statement. You just disagree because it would stop you from doing what your clients are asking you to do. You want to buy lots of bitcoin get on an exchange and start putting in buy orders across multiple exchanges.