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I love cupcakes :smiley:


Let me know if you need someone to hunt it. Currently, the 8th out of Top 500 makers on Product Hunt. :wink:


Oh shit… Dropped to 10th… :sleepy:


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Putting in that work is paying off :tada:.


that’s the name of the game!


We are clear examples of what hard work + preparation looks like. Luck favors the prepared.


That’s why I follow you two as a guide to my own path.


So how can we help you succeed even faster? the path that @peter and I travel is, in principle, easy… pragmatically it’s very hard.


I’ll try to keep this short since I’m currently at work. Referring to McAfee’s video, doing what you love and you’ll find a way to make money from it. The thing that is hindering me from achieving my goals faster is working my day job. I would like to do what I love while making a liveable wage, but I’m kind of “stuck” in this situation.

I’m very good at my day job, but it’s not what I enjoy and I definitely don’t want to do it for a living. I want to be a “freelancer” in a sense, but it’s hard to do in saturated markets. If I were to ask how to achieve my goals faster, it would be guidance to get away from corporate America and being able to do what I enjoy for a living.

If I were to quit my job and pursue what I wanted to do, I would probably be homeless since I wouldn’t generate the income I need lol.


Why do you say that? What evidence do you have to prove that?

Everyone has plans for their future. And they all start tomorrow … … (topic of a future b90x video)


I feel your pain.
There is always hope.
Don’t be emotional.
Be rational and plan ahead.
Don’t just quit your job. Have backup plan first… Maybe start your freelancing on the side to test the water.
Stash your BTC .
Everyone has choice in their lives. If you do not want to become homeless, then you will not!
Maybe you will go back to your job.
Maybe find another job that you enjoy more?
You can never know something unless you try.
Also think of those who do not have jobs… Be grateful that you have a job in the first place.
& buy more BTC.
I would be really interested to contribute a few lines of code to the crpytoyum app :slight_smile:
Haven’t had a project in Swift for a year - getting a bit rusty :smiley:


Oh don’t worry, I was speaking in a hypothetical sense. I actually make good financial decisions (which is why I’m here!) so I always plan ahead, and I rarely, if ever make emotional decisions over rational. I actually have a quote that I’ll post in the quotes thread that relates to this and keeps me going.

@peter You have been there before. I was just wondering about your own personal experiences since you have been in a similar position as mine before before. You said something along the lines of this in a video “I used to work for corporate America. I found that I didn’t want to do that. I like to build, so I got away from corporate America and started my own things”. Shoot me a PM for further discussion about if/when you have the time.

Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.


I just want 100% discretion over my own time. Period. Full stop.

Working for anyone else or any type of demand schedule is not what I want in life.


I resonate with this %110. That’s my end goal.


Any one want to create something for Product Hunt’s Global Hackathon? I can get it featured. UX/UI and front-end dev here. Also, owner of the best chatbot discovery platform, BotList.


Thanks for all of your support man. Been noticing you looking out for others that are trying to build projects.


Streamed some of the Product Hunt global hackathon this morning. Building a public facing wallet that’s lightweight which will work globally.


fuck yeah! :hulksmash::hulksmash::hulksmash::hulksmash::hulksmash::hulksmash: