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I’m really sick of people putting ridiculous things on the blockchain. Any suggestions on the most ridiculous blockchain applications?


Hoping you are right! :sunglasses:


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So, I have a Q, hopefully someone can help me with. I’m a noob in the crypto space (3 weeks), and have been trying to do as much research as possible about the space, various cryptos, the market, etc. I don’t have any background in coding or programming. My Q is this:

Is it possible to have an adequate understanding of cryptos and the crypto market if one does not have a technical background, or is it irresponsible to be putting any amount of money into the space if one is non-technical? Is there an adequate way of evaluating cryptos that does not solely rely on technical expertise? I can read white papers, listen to talks on YouTube, listen to various opinions about this or that currency, but ultimately, Github is a foreign language, and in the end, I feel like I have to rely on those who have a more superior technical background than I, which to me, is irritating because I cannot make my own decision as to the coding and background behind it, but have to rely on other people. I believe in the space and want to encourage those that are trying to do the right thing, but I feel like I am at a severe disadvantage. Any thoughts?


I don’t think you have to understand the tech to get started.

However, it does help.

One thing to think about when investing in a coin are the questions:

“Would I use this?”
“Would my friends use it?”
“Would it make my life better?”

I find it fascinating that people invest in things they wouldn’t use. Of course, that’s called speculation and price! People want those gains!

Asking questions here on the PUB is the second best thing you can do:



This is a general answer to your broad question stated above. Your safest bet if you don’t understand the technical aspects of crypto assets but still want in the game while your learning, is to buy Bitcoin and hold it like gold. This way your gaining monetary value while your educating your self on the technical aspects of crypto assets.
There is no need to chase alt coins until you have a good understanding of what your already invested in, BTC. Start researching Platform and Protocol based alt companies. These are the companies who are building the foundational structures which all coins and tokens will spring forth in our near future.
Take the B90X challenge.
Read the the Ten Days of Bitcoin.
And keep asking questions here in the Pub.
And, buy more Doge…:grin:

Listen to Peter… He knows more than I do…:grin:


In a December 26 2017 interview with Clif High he explained that BTC will linger around 13,800 up until mid Feb 2018 and then begin to push upward into March due to an underlying pressure caused by Altcoin ‘product’ and ‘service’ developmental successes.
This is expected to carry us through until May in a seemingly euphoric way. He says that there is indications that BTC will see saw back forth from 13K two or three times before spring boarding past the 13.8K into March.
He then goes on to say that BTC will continue its see sawing effect of 20% to 30% corrections when it has its periodic run ups, there by weeding out the weak hands.
He says that the futures markets are in for a big surprise and that they will more or less shoot them selves in the foot because they can’t predict the volatility of these up ticks and down swings the BTC is accustomed to doing.
He then goes on to say that BTC will pass the 64K mark this year possibly flirting with 100K but correcting in the BTC fashion. In one of his more recent interviews he clearly expressed that his data sets were indicating BTC at 40K in Aug.

That all being said, I suspect that BTC is bound for an average of 3X this year at least sitting at its current value of 11K… And that might actually be conservative on my part.
So what did we learn here folks?
Buy it Now,
Buy it at Cost,
Hodl that Shit to the Moon.
And, buy more Doge…


Thanks, great suggestions. I did get a little bit of BTC, but also some ETC too. :laughing: Also, I was thinking of mining a coin, something relatively easy, that can enable me to learn an aspect of how some coins work. Maybe the doge? Lol


Mining the Doge is a good thing. Its more fun really than anything. Doge will naturally go up in value once the gen pop starts getting involved in this world of Crypto. Im still expecting it to take over the world soon, so hodl on my friend; )


Peter, do you have a bot that hits the ‘heart’ icon every time someone posts? There’s no way your reading all these convos simultaneously, lol!


I read all things. I move faster than anyone.


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Saturday most likely. I’m currently eating @CryptoMom chicken broth.


Get well soon and see you on Saturday then! (Can’t wait to hear if you’re taking a position in VeChain or not :slight_smile:)


Chicken broth for the win!!!


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Hi, Peter told me to say hi here on the Water Cooler, so lets get to it. my name’s Greg from Thailand and i’m a certified fuccboi. i started doing cryptocurrency a few months ago.

@peter i used to go to the gym a lot but the past few months especially during New Years and the Futures fud made me lose track of my gains, but seeing you bench 3 plates for reps reminded me that i gotta get my gains back so i have to really thank you for reminding me that i can both gym and trade crypto.

you’re definitely my inspiration.


I suspected the same.
But @peter is simply a Koreaobot programmed for the pub grind.


Hey all here at the pub, I posted this to Peter’s latest video but I am just spreading the word. Wasn’t sure if you heard but a stock exchange app called Robbin Hood is going to be trading some cryptocurrency on their platform and they have zero fees, pretty awesome. I think it could give coinbase a run for their money with no fees.

Here’s the link.


If you don’t have Robbin Hood I would greatly appreciate if you would use my refferal link for it, you get a free stock when using someone’s refferal.