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Hi everyone!

I’m new to cryptocurrency. I have a few questions:

  1. I don’t want to day trade or hold long term, so how often should I trade for a good return on my investments? monthly? weekly?
  2. Does anyone recommend someone who’s successful in cryptotrading I can learn trades from? I saw somewhere online where you can pay someone who will show you all their daily trades.



I’m not the most qualified to answer your question. What I suggest you do is search through threads & I’m certain you’ll be able to find your answer. If not, ping one of the moderators & they’ll do their best to answer.

We’re all volunteers, so we try to answer as quickly as possible. Please note that you’re question is an important one to be answered. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m new to cryptocurrency as well, and I would really like to learn more about it. I do have some real life doge coins, and that’s cool and all. :smile:


I’m pretty new, so I have several questions. I’ll start with fairly easy ones. First of all, I’ve followed Peters beginners guide pretty close. I purchased BTC via Coinbase and transferred to Bittrex to buy Alt.
I have a few issues… the fees. Currently to get to Bittrix, my $50 will cost $15. I’m sure there is an easy explanation, but what are my options in getting them to either a wallet or to Bittrex.
Second, I’m going my “work” here on my work PC. I can’t install Exodus. Where should I store my coins? Would really like to back them up too. At this point, I have my measly $100 sitting in Bittrix, but need to find a wallet or something to store them in.

At this point, we run iPads and Chromebooks at home (wife’s a teacher). We don’t have our own PC yet.


That’s fine for now. When you get larger values you’ll want to look for hardware wallets!


As someone who has been around this space for awhile, do you get nervous at all transferring big amounts of value? Im starting to get stressed out with making transfers. I double even triple check to make sure all the info is correct but for some reason its still stressful. Im curious to see if this feeling goes away with experience?


No. It never goes away. Double. Triple check. All you can do!


I saw @peter drive and really liked his VR camera in the car.

Can you share the link? And type?

Thanks Peter!

Also, anyone else have a good recommendation for a quality iPhone holder for the car?
The ones I’ve been using bounce. Granted, it could be because I’m driving a Honda Fit.

Any tips?



It’s a garmin virb 360 camera!


Haha I know the feeling, I imported a paper wallet the other day to split it up into smaller amounts, I was shitting myself, it was only 0.75btc but that is most of my portfolio.


I most definitely hold my breath. :smile:


Always good to transfer small amount to a new address(especially if it is a new wallet).
Then send the big chunk :slight_smile:


If i see one more Craig Grant bitconnect scam ad on youtube…can a man simply watch Bitsize Bitcoin’s B90X Vids in peace!!!

P.s. For those of you who weren’t aware…after several of craig’s ads popped up on youtube…i did a bit of research and found a nifty research piece on steemit pretty much exposing him as a bigtime scammer! I thought it was pretty obvious from the get go but hopefully this informs some pub buddies out here in the water cooler!


On my way back to DK for a week’s time, to deal with some business, reflect on the future and gear up for :christmas_tree::santa:

Xmas 50% loaded you guys, are you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still not loving early morning flights :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Always loading up my friend!


Have a safe flight. See you back here soon.


Thanks - and I did :wink:

EU flights don’t last that long… :smiley:

Been back DK side for a while - in front of the (other) screen now, working up a tutorial for the pub…


That’s wonderful. Have a superb day!!!


I agree with baz, dont sell below your buy in price. I have a couple times done what I deemed as a good decision, and the overall play out could have been “better” for overall profit. I have also hodled something on the decline back to slightly above buy and yeilded a profit. However, within two weeks the valuation quadrupled my and the profit would have been $4,000 on its own. All and all I am still hovering at a 100% “profit” when compared to my initial “investment” minus fees. In my opinion, a bad/rash decision can always be overcame with time and patience without focusing on the negatives and looking forward.


Rightfully so, I sent eth to an etc address and at that time the value was only around $30. I don’t even want to think about what value is now, let alone what it would be in the future.