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THIS SONG, haha! Yesssssss.


You guys think IOTA is coming to Bittrex soon? Trying to get all my documents verified now on binance but they are taking their sweet time! :japanese_ogre:


You don’t need to have your documents verified unless you withdraw over 2BTC a day on Binance.


Glad to be here guys! Made some crypto purchases last month and am ready to blast off to the moon! Have known about Bitcoin since 2013. Wish I would have bought back then, but I can’t dwell on the past. “The future is so bright I gotta wear shades.”


Quick Question… When Bitcoin is mined out what happens to the blockchain and how will the miners be paid?


Bitcoin will finish mining in 2140 and after that the blockchain will exist and the miners will be paid by verifying transactions.


I don’t know if it’s the first, but it’s certainly memorable lol! Here’s another good one - - Remy- Bitcoin Billionaire


Can anyone tell me where I can find a forum for BitCoin smart contract devs? I was about to go all in on Ethereum dev until I watched Peter’s videos. However, most of the forums I find on smart contract dev are Ethereum. I’d like to find a forum that is heavy on Ivy or Rootstock discussions. I was hoping to find it here but I don’t see a forum like that.

Also, happy holidays everybody.


Is there any legitimate crypto day trading information or trading. i am looking for a career change and am totally taken with crypto. Hope I am not gambling…


Hello, everyone I’m a noob. My name is Csully
I hope this is the place to be. Already have been around other blocks w/ promises and they all have fallen short.
Already have money in

I’m I on the right track or ? Tell me straight I have thick


Get rid of

and grab some XRP, EOS, ADA and NEO.


Thanks man will do. Any more forcash Will be appreciated


very new… any recommendations for a wallet on Mac and a mobile wallet to play around. and what exchange is best for xrp and lite coin? TIA


Hey Cryptonation! I’m getting post holiday text and emails, that are flooding my inbox now, from Baby Boomer Generation family members. For the most part, they don’t understand and wouldn’t ever put anything into crypto. Some of them are googling and reading articles written by uninformed writers in the MSM, and try to tell me how much of a bubble it is. The articles are so poorly written, and are full of FUD. I’m not educated enough, and well versed enough as a debater to debate them. What simple methods would you do to reply back to them? Other than send them to thebitcoin.pub!


Ether is Trending. Yahoo Finance wants to know what it is now!


Anyone else seen this yet about Bitconnnnnnnect?


well I felt like we all agreed that bitconnect was a scam, right?


for sure… I’m not sure how this will impact them but it will be something to talk about :slight_smile:


Hello, all! Joined after watching the Decentralized TV videos on YouTube, but have only been involved with crypto for about 3-4 months. wHolding BTC, LTC, ICX long. Wish you all the best.


My daughter, Zoe, is quite a character. She is 9 years old and changed my name on my iPhone.

Check it out.,
When you ask Siri, "What is my name?"
This is the answer Siri gives.

I thought both of you @peter and @john would like that.
Especially @peter
They know the Crypto Nation because of Peter’s videos saying, “Whats up whats up, Crypto nation!?”