Hi all,
I’m pundito.
Located in the very west of the Netherlands.
The first cryptocurrency I mined was Dogecoin.
The first cryptocurrency I invested in was Steem.
My “To The Moon” goals are having a base to rely on when I stop working.
I am a person that loves to GIVE - even when it’s hard for me - because I know there are always people for whom it’s harder.
I found Bitcoin Pub through youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAECP_gLkEk
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Thanks and have fun!!!


welcome @Pundito! love DCTV… and @heavilyarmedclown’s work!


Thank you @john!!!
I’m still looking around here and find out but I like this :slight_smile:


Who are you? CoCo-Crypto

Where are you located? Trinidad and Tobago

What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin, Because it is the internet of money

What are your [TO THE MOON ] goals? Create smart contracts as it relates to Real Estate Development Projects, and simply to have Time & Money.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Hmm! that it is a pub, I can pop in and grab a pint or 12, of up-to-date information…I’m in.

And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? I found the Pub through Peter of Decentralized TV…


Welcome @Coco-Crypto great to have you in the PUB Sir

the best way to start is go through B90X

  • Who am I?
    Florian (read more of me on my profile :smiley: )

  • Where am I located?
    Ghent, Belgium :houses:

  • First cryptocurrency I invested in?
    None yet, first I need to learn some more… (that’s why I am here)

  • My to the moon goals:
    Being financially independent (oops this answer is something you probably never heard :thinking: )

  • What am I the most excited about?
    Learning how to trade and gaining some more knowledge!

  • How did I find The bitcoin pub?
    While searching everything on the internet about bitcoin and crypto trading I bumped on the 10 days of bitcoin via e-mail. :email:


Hello everyone.

  1. Who are you?

My name is Hans Hauge. I am most well known for my articles over on Seeking Alpha, where I write about Bitcoin and other cryptoassets to the investor community. I also review Bitcoin pricing models, and I have produced several of my own, including the Bitcoin Value Indicator, the BVIPE, and the Bitcoin Z-Signal. I run a couple small crypto startups as well.

  1. Where are you located?

I live in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

  1. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?

BEET-COIN! I was a software engineer at the time. The idea of open source money was just too crazy to ignore.

  1. What are your "TO THE MOON” goals?

My moon goal is to be like Peter when I grow up!

  1. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?

I’m really excited to help people learn. I think one of the biggest problems that we have is that people just don’t understand cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or cryptoassets in general. We can’t have mass adoption until people understand this stuff. I’m super glad that I can help.

  1. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?

I’ve been stalking Peter for a long time. I think I first found out about this site from his YouTube channel.


Welcome welcome! @florian1 too!

Let’s build the future together!


Welcome @Hansthered in the PUB :beers:

  1. Scott Haas
  2. I live in Carson City, NV
  3. Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DeepOnion, all 3 did me well then like everyone else I got my face ripped off, I should of taken more profit.
  4. My goal is to have a 1000acre ranch/mining farm on the moon…
  5. I’m excited about learning more about mining tech, I want to start mining but I don’t want to by a prebuilt mining rig and lack the knowledge to build my own let alone understand the software…
  6. I’ve been following @Peter on Youtube for a while now and finally decided to go down to the pub and have a brew…


Welcome Scott,
Building your own rig doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, you can build a six card rig, and just put one card in it to understand how it works.


Waqar Ansari - https://www.linkedin.com/in/waqar-ansari-b4345412/
Bitcoin, 2016 @ ~$452
Invest in all the solid projects before the institutions enter the market-Goal is to retire before 45–Travel the world
Bitcoin pub is my Matrix.This is the only place where i can find like minded people who help and push eachother towards their goals.
Accidentally stumbled upon Peeta’s youtube coin review, been a fan since.


Welcome to the pub! I know you’ll love it.


So glad you decided to take the next step. Welcome!


Who are you?
–> My name is Glenn. I am half Costa Rican and half Japanese. Among my friends, my nickname would be “CryptoPsychologist”. It’s part of my identity. I am a speciallist in Cognitive Sciences and Neurology. I teach at the University. Since 2017, I’ve been taking serious notes in order to develop a “CryptoPsychology” in the future. This is one of the biggest dreams in Crypto. Of course, I am a Psychologist too.

Where are you located?
–> Costa Rica. Eventually in Japan. My life has been: 17 years in Costa Rica, then almost 20 years in Japan. And now I’ve been about 10 years in Costa Rica. I love both countries. My parents are Costa Rican. My children are Japanese. Right now, I am part of a project on the Blockchain since last year. NOT AN ICO !! Honestly, I do not like ICOs. I never invest on ICOs. In our project, I work with a group of Engineers and professionals. And this keeps me connected to Japan on a daily basis. Even being in Costa Rica, Japan is part of my life and work every single day. My people in Japan are extremely HOT about Crypto !!!

What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
–> My first Crypto was IOTA. I’ve been in Crypto only about 16 months, I believe. In July 2017, I bought some IOTA at $0,22. It was an unforgettable moment… I got in Crypto because I was studying a new major at the University, Software Engineering, while being a Professor. One of the advantages a Professor has, in Costa Rica, is that we can study almost for free at our workplace. And studying computation and software, had been one of my dreams for very long time. Last year, in my course of Data Structures 2, I chose to study what the Blockchain was !! For this school project, I read the Bitcoin whitepaper and some of the articles of Andreas Antonopoulos. That was the most incredible revelation for me. I had to get in. I fell in love with all that new world…!!! I almost don’t have IOTA now. But I still like it a lot. My favorite coins are Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic… and many others that are not my super favorites, but I like them !!

What are you “TO THE MOON” goals?
–> This is a tough question. I guess I have some kind of a traditional Japanese way of thinking. I probably MUST say that my “to the moon” goal is to launch a token soon together with my friends, or to earn a lot on money through investment. But I am not sure about all this… I mean, I do not think so much about reaching the Moon. I just have a lot of faith in Crypto as a means for millions of people all over the world to recover some of the Natural Rights as living creatures, and some of the fair opportunities to build happiness that were taken away from us hundreds of years ago. I love Crypto. I love to see how regular people can just be rebels and print their own money without asking for permission. From the pychological and political perspective, this is a historial miracle !! Of course, I would like to see some gains in the future !! But, I invest just a little. I cannot invest much. Now, I am living in Costa Rica and taking care of my Dad who is 82 years old. I cannot invest a lot of money in Crypto or in any other business. In Costa Rica, I do not earn as much salary as I had in Japan as a Professor. But, even so, it feels great to buy my favorite coins little by little. I buy a little bit every two weeks. I do not mind about price changes. In Japan, we learn to think only about the future !! The present is just a tunnel. The light is only at the end of the tunnel. Our Psychology plays tricks on us sometimes and we want to see light inside the tunnel. But, what counts is what is at the other side of the tunnel. This is how we are in Asia.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
–> Well, for me the most exciting part is to listen to Crypto-people, I guess. I’ve been listening to many people these 16 months. I take time to read as much as possible of what people write in chats, in TG groups, in Twitter and in many other platforms. As a Psychologist, I feel a strong desire to make Crypto EASY, SAFE and ENJOYABLE. Not as it is now. First, I want to understand the Psychology behind crypto-hodlers, crypto-builders and crypto-investors in general, as it takes place in the minds of millions of people around the world. Our global community is growing and growing. I am really amazed. I believe Crypto-Psychology might become a very important field in the future. So studying the minds of Crypto-people is very exciting. Basically, in this early stage of my reflections, I am working more on defining VALUE, even though my future objective is to work on making Crypto EASY to use !!! Right now I am working of a theory of VALUE. In this moment, I define Crypto-Psychology as the study of how VALUE occurs in the minds of human beings as a response towards certain environmental experiences and as cognitive and emotional processes that --even while being internal and intimate-- manifest in the real world as behavior giving shape to all what we know through decision making like we see, of course, in Crypto markets. In my opinion, VALUE has to be redefined and the sorts of social and material experiences that lead to the generation of Value, must be studied. This will help empower people. People with knowledge make better decisions. People with knowledge are harder to deceit and to scam. I would like to conduct more and more observations and write about this in very simple understandable terms to help all our beloved people of the global Crypto community… Right now, I am part of a group of professional who are studying and working together. We are not an ICO. We are putting our own money, also with some friends’ investment, and we are trying to build something on the Blockchain. With our own money and time. It’s been taking a lot of time. We have been working hard. I try to dedicate time to working on Crypto-Psychology as part the endevours of my Team too. As a Psychologist who have studied Software Engineering, one of my biggest dreams would be to build CryptoPsychology in order to educate people on the basics, on how Crypto works. But the number one task would be to make Crypto EASY. Crypto is still too complicated and anti-intuitive. As a Psychologist, my opinion is that it is disaster at the experience level. My 82 year old Dad learned 2 years ago how to use a celular phone. In 3 months, he became able to use YouTube, WhatsApp, messages, and even to use Google. But in 16 months, he has not been able to buy Crypto by himself. I want to help fixing this !! I want Mass Adoption. Present conditions are not good at all for Mass Adoption !!


I forgot to add one important thing.
I’ve been following Decentralized TV since December 2017.
I could not express with words how much I love this channel :orange_heart: !!
I’ve been in love with Peter and this community for long time !!


Welcome, crypt psychologist! You’ve had some exciting adventures it sounds like. Thank you for sharing.


Hello Nevada! My favourite radio talk show host, Art Bell is from Pahrump. One of the greatest highlights of my life was seeing his radio station a few years ago.


@Angela, I appreciate your kind words !! Honestly I was a little nervous and excited. I was not sure about what to share. I am still learning to navigate here. It’s a big universe inside here !! Extraordinary !! All of you, guys, are awesome !!


Your introduction was wonderful. Peter’s videos have changed lives in so many ways. It was wonderful hearing how they have changed yours. Please continue sharing and know that your input is more valuable than you know.