Thanks, will do. I’m currently in Timisoara as well, so keep in touch. Perhaps we meet at some point.

  1. I’m Tara Nebeker “linkedin prof (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-nebeker-61a20a98/)”
  2. Somewhere in Jackson MO
  3. Actually, with how my situation is, I haven’t invested anything but time and that’s into Bitcoin/satoshi
  4. Honestly? Short-term I want to get a game out so I can monetize the following I have for my tumblr rp blogs [ 1 ] [ 2 ]. Long term though, I want to make a tool to help digital artists make a better living off their art and fight digital art theft.
  5. Tbh I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m hoping to find folks I can jive with and that having a community like this around me will help rocket me to my goals instead me crashing into the ground (like I’ve done so many times before).
  6. My mom was the one who found it and she shared it with me. UuU


Awesome! Start out with 10daysofbitcoin.com and go through the B90X program!


Welcome, Tara. I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by your experience here.


I hope so, and thank you for the welcome!


Oh, it’s my pleasure. I look forward in getting to know you.


name is BobbyDonk
Im from Jerga (Atlanta, that is)
Me and my space friends…
have come to pick your BrAiNs.
I got into crypto after stumbling across a video of Roger Ver crying about BTC
Hope to meet some great like minded peeps here!
Reason im here… I desperately need some help with wallet management and security of my cryptoes… walking around without shoes is scary…
last year i started off with .5 Btc, and then January 2018 happened…
“Fool me once… ahhhh, yeah, don’t want to get fooled again”


Lots to read! Stay a while a listen!


Whats up Peter!!!
My buddy called me from his car off Roswell Rd. and said “I’m behind a Lambo with a license plate that says BitcoinPub”. Any idea what thats about?
Thats how i got here!


That’s pretty hilarious man!


I said "I have know idea, pull up and ask him if they serve Bitcoin IPA!!!


Hey! Quick question: can I go through 10daysofbitcoin.com and B90X at the same time? Or do I need to do the 10DaysOBC before I do the B90X program?


You can do them at the same time!

Both are self-paced!


Oh awesome, thanks!! ^u^ b


Now that’s kismet! :grinning: