Latin America is also in the HOUSE


I am Mit Phoenix.You can find me on Facebook.I live in Lagos Nigeria (West Africa).
I started with edinarcoin in 2016.
My short term goal is to learn how to trade and invest in legit ICOS.My long-term goal is to help my fellow Nigerians make a living in crypto currencies.
I am excited about the community because of the tons of information on crypto one has access to in just on single please.
I tumbled on the Bitcoin pub on Google.


Who are you? Steve Wonders
Where are you located? USA
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin after talking to a friend
What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? Win the lottery.
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Not sure yet.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? from 1st Mining Rig publication



Welcome to the pub! Love the goals!


Glad to have you here Steve! Interesting moon goal :slight_smile: .


Who are you? Djmsenior
Where are you located? East Midlands, UK
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Managed to convert £1000 into £250 within a couple of weeks earlier in the year!
What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? Turn that £250 back round to.£1000!
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Learning from people who’ve already made the mistakes so I don’t have to. Again!
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Youtube


Wasup wasup wasup bitcoin puuuuuuuuub!
I’m Stev, Tech Writer at ETCDEV Team, contributing to ETC core dev projects.
I have web dev/ ux background and determined to create and contribute value in the decentralized monetary market. I joined the TheBitcoin Pub to collaborate and connect with fellow crypto pleblians.
I’m not concerned with moon goals, however, excited to see crypto currency adoption grow faster than fiat monetary economies. If that continues to happen, the value we create and contribute will naturally be rewarded.
I’m most excited about exponential crypto adoption and ETC making a comeback; likely to take top 5 by Q4 2018.
I discovered TheBitcoin Pub through Youtube.


You’ve seen our etc videos right???



Yo welcome to the pub! These are the times to learn and grow. Far too soon to give up, so keep at it :bitrocket: .


Hey Stev! Great to have you here. There are a good amount of people here that are invested or interested in ETC. Don’t hesitate on filling us in on exciting developments :slight_smile: .


Absolutely, never miss a Decentralized TV video.


Hi Guys,

I am happy to join the community. It took me a few days before introducing myself but here I am. I asked my girlfriend to translate this message because she is better than me in English lol.

My name is Steven Tea, i am located in Montreal but originally from France. I am an IT Security Analyst.

I first got in last year (August 2017) when my colleague helped me setup my wallet and gave me 1$ CAD in BTC. One year later, I was shocked to see that my dollar had turned into about 20$. As a result, my interest for cryptocurrency grew and after hours of research on the Internet, i stumbled upon Peter’s channel (Decentralized TV > thebitcoin.pub > B90X (this is the XXXXX! BRING IT!) > 10daysofbitcoin). You rock man!

My short term goal is to pay off my loans and my long term goal is to reach the moon before 40 y.o (I am 31 lol).

Up until now, I have been saving a lot and relying on the bank to grow my money but i feel like I wasted my time. So I want to take matters into my own hands that’s why I am into Bitcoin now.
Banks support a bunch of things that i do not agree with and use my money in harmful projects (e.g. Dakota pipeline project destroying the environment and evicting Sioux tribe from their home). I want to break away from these institutions once and for all.

I think Bitcoin shows a lot of promise since we are heading towards a digital world where everything is on the cloud. I can really see Bitcoin beeing a part of that modern landscape.

I need some advice and I hope you guys will help me :slight_smile:

Steven Tea


Welcome sir. This is just the beginning!
Stay in. We’ve been hodling for a long time here. We welcome you.


Hi Peter,

By the way, I forgot to mention that I am interested in Yen.io (It is a great idea). I am planning to sign up and contribute to project on Patreon.



The time is now. We’ve only just begun. You have a lot of catching up to do if you go Pirate+


My name is Ayamba.
From Ghana, West Africa.
In first investment in bitcoin in 2016, it was the only coin i knew by then.
To make more money from my investments by the end of the year.
It is very profitable
I was finding an answer to a question. “Hey cryptofriends, need a little help from you. Recently i decided to participate in Aventis token sale. I pre filled their adress, amount of eth and required amount of gas as they stated on their web site and left mew opened till end of countdown (my comp dont hybernate, always on). As soon as crowdsale started i tried to generate tr and send but mew wouldnt generate it. Literaly nothing happened. I couldnt see my remaining eth either, in place where amount of eth should be there was only ETH sign as if site froze. I still had original amount of eth after i did ethscan, no tr ever happened. If anyone could tell me wtf happened i would really appriciate because i did a fair amount of research on aventis ico, i guess for nothing, cant stress how dissapointed i am with what happened. Tyvm”


Hi, I’m Tina
Live in Northern California and work as a pharmacist.
I bought my first bitcoin last week after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it mentioned it as a type of asset to acquire. I’m tired of trying to get rich/retire early off of a paycheck and snail paced mutual funds. I Love the idea behind Cryptocurrency too, I think it’s the wave of the future. I feel like I’m a little late to the party, but not too late…


You’re never too late. Please make sure to go thru b90x program! 90 days of bitcoin learning!


And… are we one of the best?


Who are you?
Legrand G. of Blockchain Resource Group LLC
Where are you located?
Live in Atlanta, presence in North Charleston SC, Atlanta GA, Gainesville GA.
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
1st into Bitcoin at $300 2012?, all gone :frowning: thought it would be banned by IRS. Back into LTC, BTC, ETH. Modestly.
What are you “TO THE MOON” goals?
HODL everything, expecting top 20 cryptos or so to moon.
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
Endless opportunity as a new and developing technology. U.S. is slow in the uptake so still money to be made until regulation sets in only to help the dominant players and politicians.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
Watching endless Peter Videos on You Tube. Fantastic work! keep it up! You tirelessly report the news, Great stamina!


So this is what I currently have to offer:

-This is more of a what but right now is me-I am a School Psychologist, father and husband

  • Alaska
    -Bitcoin because it was recommended to me by a colleague as a way to gain wealth.
    -To be debt free and have a way to ensure my family is taken care of. Need to pay off school debts that are more than my house payments.
    -Learning about cryptocurrencies in general and understanding them at a greater level.
    -Youtube videos led me here. I tend to be stuck in an apprehension to technology that I am working to overcome.

This is different for me as I do not interact on Social Media in a formal manner.


Hello, crypto pioneers! Great platform and best of luck in developing it further! About me:
1.Who are you? Justin, CEO of Cryptovibes.com who is in love with Peter’s Lambo. Sorry.
2. Where are you located? Lithuania, Vilnius.
3. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin. Because back then it was most trusted to follow for me.
4. What are you “TO THE MOON 107” goals? Do everything to help our generation adopt cryptocurrencies as much as possible, because after we make this step reality our childrens finish the deal and will send banks packing.
5. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? The best thing in life is ability to be valuable. For this growing community I can offer free press release or conference promotion. It’s on me. Just to help each other.
6. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? I wrote about you back in october:
https://www.cryptovibes.com/entertainment/bitcoin-lamborghini-purchased/ and today I left my 8-17 office job just to go full cryptotarded. I hope we can make this world a better place with more smiles. Care!