Hey Crypto Nation im Carlos a 22 year old that lives up north Usa in Minneapolis Minnesota. I practice indoor agriculture by growing micro greens like cilantro. I have all my faith in serving our community. I also practice nutritional healing and is a huge part of my journey. I am all about truth and transparency. Thats why I bought my first bitcoin around mid November of 2017. I buy Bitcoin, Icon, Qtum, ETC, OMG, NEO, & Wabi. I am learning more about crypto. Its non stop haha and I appreciate all the knowledge I gain on the Bitcoin Pub. I am willing to serve the crypto world. we are a working progress ! I wish you all great health and wealth. THANK YOU :gorilla:


my goal is to gain much knowledge in this global movement. IM HERE TO STAY PEEPS :sun_with_face:


Glad you’re here bro! The future is ours!


Who are you? Andrew
Where are you located? Wheeling WV
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? BTC 2016
What are you “TO THE MOON80” goals? Help out my family
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Learning!!!
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? youtubr


Hi, I’m Nelson Flood
I’m in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin
Bitcoin as a starting point, not knowing anything about Crypto.
Hopefully make some money without totally stressing over it.
I’m an old Futures trader from twenty years ago, mostly currencies and precious metals - a very different world than Crypto of today. I jumped back into trading because my wife wasn’t looking. I love this community, offering ideas and strategies but also, openness about trades that didn’t go as expected. Much to be learned here.
I asked about quality Crypto workshops in a FB post, someone recommended B90X.


Felix is an Accountant by profession and I’m located at Tantra-hills-Accra. New to cryptocurrency and wish to know more and invest. To the moon goals is to be comfortably Rich and help my community to develop. I got to know thebitcoin pub on twitter news reading what’s trending.


Whassa wassa wassa wassa up. Hey guys KUSHDADDY here, aka Cody. I’m from good ole’ Kansas City, MO. I first convinced my girlfriend to let me invest in Crypto back in October. I spent $500 dollars on BTC, and dispersed that money amongst NEO, DOGE, and some others at the time that I cannot remember. Needless to say, the market experienced tremendous growth over the next two months, and I was able to use the profits on those positions to get into new buys. My main objective really is just to obtain more bitcoin. I have a mining rig that I purchased with my brother in-law, but am also constantly scoping out new projects that I can try and get behind. Fortunately, Peter, and DecentralizedTV have made that a lot easier for me. In the last couple of years online I’ve become more of a lurker, but hope that I can become more engaged and social, and have picked the right community to do so. Let’s see… other fun facts… I’m honorably discharged from the US Army Reserves where I spent eight years. I work as a Bartender/Server. My friend owns a Korean BBQ truck that I frequently help, and work with. I love computers, technology, graphics design, and gaming.


Welcome kushdaddy. I hope you’re ready for a killer 2018!

Who are you? - Im Steven Wood
Where are you located? - Im from England, London
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? - BitCoin, most known and cheap these time
What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? - build new house 
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? - decentralisation
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? - google search


June E
Location: Sick Lake Utah
Discipline: EE
BIT History:bitcoin trader since 2016
Goals: Looking for more investment opportunities.


-Kee Suong
-Los Angeles (Glendale, specifically)
-Bitcoin. John Loppnow wouldn’t leave me alone until I did.
-Build generational wealth in a Cryptonation Community.
-Meeting new people and learning about this fascinating new technology. Some GAINS wouldn’t hurt, either.
-John Loppnow is my ambassador to Bitcoin Pub, DCTV, Patreon, and the Crypto Nation!


1.Who are you? Matt
2.Where are you located? Southern Maryland
3.What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? None yet :frowning: hoping to get involved ASAP !
4.What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? Move to Okinawa, japan and have a paid off house and boat there
5.What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? I am active duty military with nearly 20 years in. Looking to retire soon and supplement my income and build wealth and security for my family. I am excited to meet ant talk with all of you and put in the hard work to learn everything that I can about crypto from each and every one of you. I would love to find someone near me and sit down and learn from you!
6.And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Heard about it from a news post on MSN #Lambo


Hi everyone. Jordan here. I’m just outside NYC, have not invested yet in an crypto but planning to soon. I found the pub from watching decentralized.tv. I’d like some financial security and elimination of debt. I enjoy being a part of this revolution that is changing the world. Oh, and if we end up going “to the moon” with Lambos, the moon will be quite different too :wink:


Hello folks. This is russ
location: in the puget sound area
first coin: Bitcoin! But I hodl with eth, neo, and a few others.
my goals? to change the world with smart contracts and make wet code dry, and to create passive income for myself and everyone else
Most excited about? trust minimization
Found bitcoin.pub from: Reddit? I think, idk.

I am also an experienced base cracking trader, also known as the “Quick fingers” method. Ask me sometime!


Somebody say Korean bbq :meat_on_bone: :+1: welcome mate.


Who are you?Robert Yang
Where are you located?Located in St Paul MN
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?Purchased ethereum for icon, ripple, and cardano
What are you “TO THE MOON89” goals?Retire by 40
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Networking and learning about the latest technologies.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Found decentralized tv on YouTube. What up Peter



-In San Diego CA

-I mined Doge! Cause it had a dog on it… haha I’ve had Bitcoin since it was a joke- people were giving hundreds away like nothin. I sure wish I wasn’t one of those idiots.

-I just want to do what I love and get rich doin it!

-I am stoked cause I think I have finally found a group of people that are actually willing to help and even know what they are taking about! Usually it’s one or the other. LOL

-I found this site by just searching and reading other posts.

-Any other miners in SD that would want to have a meet up? There may already be a group, but I just thought I would throw that out there.


Me: Kalbi Tang
Location: The Granite State - New Hampshire
First Crypto: BTC, why? FOMO!
Objectives: Have fun, make a little side cash to buy things my wife won’t let me!
Anticipated future: Explosion in the pajees from all the moonshots yet to come!
Finding Waldo: Peedah, from Decentralized TV! The best in crypto news!

p.s. I also like Bulgogi and Gam Ja Tang. Cheers!


Who are you? Whats up guys! My name is Tom Malloy and I am a stock/crypto trader and investor. I went to college to play soccer and wanted to pursue a career in the NYPD. Turns out I never finished college (currently have 117 credits) I want to finish but my school is a scam and will not allow me to take spanish 102 online lol. I do not have time to go into the school because I work full time and make a good salary thus making it not worth it to finish my degree. I also run a youtube channel where I mostly talk about the stock market and review coins I am interested in. My channel name is EpicEntrepreneurNyc

Where are you located? I am located in NY currently just outside of Queens NYC, on long Island by JFK airport.

What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? I started buying bitcoin in late may early June. I have been trading and investing in stocks for a long time and I can see the looming bubble we are in. I made the switch to crypto and cashed out my nice stock gains. I feel as if the bond market is being propped up by the Fed as well as big banks thus keeping the stock market going higher. In turn the value of USD is getting smoked every day and I believe that we will see a currency crisis in the United States down the road. In addition I see many other problems such as staggering credit card debt, student loan debt, and auto debt. What happens when the Fed raises rates? What will this do to the consumer. I smell trouble guys. not good. Student loans are a scam.

What are you “TO THE MOON89” goals? Long term, my goal is to open a real estate investing firm. I wish to acquire multifamily income producing properties. I will allow rent payments to be made in BTC Lmfao. I would also like to become my own central bank if you know what I mean. I feel that it is the time for people to become self sufficient and financially literate so we can be freed from government.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? I am excited to see that this community is focused on the actual education and adoption of cryptocurrency. I wish I knew about the pub when I first got into the game! Thanks to the pub, I have a resource to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency with a community that has my best interest in mind. Thank you for allowing me to join!

And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
I have been watching bitesized bitcoin for a long time but never active on the pub. Now I watch decentralized tv and enjoy the live streams.


Jose Pinto - https://www.linkedin.com/in/worldgoldsaving/
I live in the Algarve, that is Portugal
The first crypto I invested in was back in 2014, bitcoin, the daddy of all currencies. It was bitcoin as I am part of a team that invested together on certain programs and with the earnings we purchased gold.
Securing my future with cryptocurrencies and gold for my future is my aim.
Am excited to learn from the top boys here and help where possible.