I am Isaiah parker
I am located in Burlington NJ
the first crypto currency I invested was ripple a friend was explaining it to me and I liked the sound of it
I hope to one day be able to build a home from the ground up for my wife and son
I love to learn so the prospect of learning new information is what excites me the most
I found out about the bitcoin.pub by watching decentralized tv

  1. I am cryptosam. A fellow Korean brother from another mother.
  2. I am located in NJ
  3. First crypto I invested in was ETH because I heard from my friend about how it can launch ICO’s like how stocks can have IPO’s. It intrigued me and put in a few thousand dollars to start off.
  4. My goal in 2017 was to hit $100k, but instead hit $1M.
    2018 - hope to hit $2M (revised from original goal)
    2019 - hope to hit $5M
    2020 - hope to hit $10M
    Afterwards, I plan to diversify into other assets and work full-time investing and helping others.
  5. What drew me to this website was the enthusiasm that a lot of people are showing including Peter. I am a positive person and would like to surround myself with positive people.
  6. I ran into Youtube videos of Peter and first saw him interview Min Kim when I was ferociously researching ICX which made me my first $1M.


Hi I am Frank. I am located at Singapore. I started and am still with BTC, BNB and ICX. My “to the Moon” goals? To improve quality of life and to be able to invest in quality project i.e. ICX. Nice to be a part of a growing crypto space and hear from ya all! Love Peter’s youtube posts! :slight_smile:

  1. David Kobilnyk https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidkobilnyk/
  2. near San Francisco, CA
  3. one BTC in 2014, because it was the most prominent crypto and it had dropped a lot in value
  4. buy a house in the SF bay area (with sizable crypto and fiat holdings remaining)
  5. investment strategies and tools
  6. through one of Peter’s youtube videos


. Jason

. Rhode island ,US.

. Looking forward to learning more about crypto and participating in the forum.


Who are you?
Rich Doherty

Where are you located?
Edison, New Jersey

What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
Bitcoin, because it’s the gold standard of cryptocurrency.

What are you “TO THE MOON82” goals?
Get financially back on my feet since my divorce(pay off debt, purchase a new home, pay for my son’s college and retire early to enjoy life).

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
To learn as much as possible about crypto and utilize all of the resources, experience and knowledge here.

How did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
A crypto buddy of mine introduced me.


Who are you?
Hi all my name is Moritz aka Listener.

Where are you located?
Oh god… Well I was born and raised in beatiful (and crypto friendly :smile:) Switzerland even though I’m Austrian. Currently as writing this post I’m studying in Latvia (Medicine for those who want to know).

What was the first cryptocurrency that you inversted in and why?
Well ofc it’s BTC! And why? Well a friend told me so :sweat_smile: But basically I started with a BTC, LTC, ETH buy on coinbase. I heard from crypto back in the days, heard of it again when ETH mining was popular and easy with usual everyday gaming PC’s a couple of years back and now met a nice guy who had the passion and patience to get me into it. No regrets!

What are your TO THE MOON goals?
Hmm… I haven’t actually thought of something specific. Surely like everybody I’d like to improve my finances but I also wouldn’t mind saving everything and give my future childs a nice start capital.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
Well this is not my first post in the pub… :flushed: But I was helped already so much I figured it’s about time to give something back. So yea I want to help others the same way that I was helped.

How did you find The Bitcoin Pub?
My good friend that got me into crypto is really a good guy because he recomended me peter’s youtube channel and this forum.
So greetings to my man James from Down Under! :australia:


From Mineral Wells, TX
I bought my first BTC 5-27-17. I bought it because it was the only crypto I knew anything about.
My #1 goal is to get at least 1 BTC by June 2018, then continue building my BTC and add more alt coins.
I am most excited about the opportunity to become one of the few to own a full bitcoin, and becoming a millionaire on the way. I am changing my legacy.
I found you through a random click on youtube, and so glad i did.


Hi from TheAKK. been in the game a while but lost my cryptos back when i didn’t know how big they’d get and i don’t want to make the same mistake this time. so here to learn & take it serious… for the most part


Hoyin Mak
BTC Since 2014
Business Owner
I’m a investor here for the long haul!
Here to take it all in and spread the “Love”!


Jani Koren
Located in Tolmin , Slovenia
I invested this year (2018) in BTC
I like currency that is not in banks hands nad I see big opportunity to make some financial stability =)
I am so excited to learn and share with you guys!


Jason S.

On a beach near Destin, FL

Bitcoin in the early summer 2017. I was tired of my cousins asking if I had bought it.

My moon goal is to have more passive income than expenses.

A great forum for learning and information.

Through Decentralized TV, via the youtube


David, from Dundalk in sunny Ireland
Invested in Ethereum as bitcoin seemed out of my league but the more I learn the more in hopeful.
I also think the banks had their wicked way long enough and have ruined my country in the process. I’d time for change
A steady win is my goal as I’ve only got small initial investment.
The guy in the YouTube posts drew me to here… Easy to listen to… (I’ve watched lots before investing lol)

  • Aaron

  • Washington state

  • Litecoin, 2-3 months ago because it is cheaper than Bitcoin

  • First goal, pay off car. Then house ownership and probably more better cars, or maybe just a car.
    Along with financial freedom for myself and family.

  • I’m most excited about learning how to achieve these goals, from all of you here.

  • I found thebitcoinpub from your YouTube channel, and I found that from a coworker sharing it with me


3. ETH as I wanted to get my first coin.
4. A varied portfolio that will hopefully get me to the moon on SpaceX.
5. Peter’s enthusiasm on the DCT channel.
6. The DCTV channel got me here.


Hi! I’m Chris I’m a music producer, I live in the UK. Half of my life is London, and half is in Devon.

My ears first pricked up to the words “Bitcoin” in approx 2011. I would say then that I had a sense that it was going to be something major.

Fast forward to 2013 and a back injury had me out of the studio, unable to work and hanging out on the living room floor for about three months.

During this period the Cyprus economy went into full meltdown, and it was proposed that the county’s people would have to hand over 50% of their savings to bail out the economy, I remember being deeply effected by the possibility that people could have their lives overturned so quickly, and without discrimination.

With loads of time on my hands I wanted to find out who is calling the shots for real when it comes to money. That’s when I learnt about Central Banking and it’s history on this planet. I would say that learning about money creation through debt, was the beginning of what I might call my “economic dark knight of the soul”, a bit dramatic maybe, but never the less this marked a significant shift in my world view and how I fit into the system.

Constantly driven by a sense that “this isn’t it” and that there must be a smarter way to live, so much went down this period. I quit my job to become a full time music producer, I got married, I resolved to unlock the mysteries of the universe and found myself at the feet of Shamans in the amazon, alone in the great Pyramid of Giza, or at the bank of the river Ganges. I became a Dad, we moved from our long term home, and friends and family to find a better environment for ourselves and our family, and now I finally have time to look into Crypto properly.

Having had a complicated belief system about money for many years, and being very angry about the banking system, a recent event made me review how I view money, and how my feelings about wealth have without a doubt held me back financially. I completely reviewed and continue to search out any feelings of frustration, anger, fear when it comes to money, ultimately the financial situation I currently live in, is completely of my own making, so now is the time to flip shit around big time, and create the lifestyle I dream about, rather live in a sense of lack and frustration that I’m not where i want to be with my financial goals.

I first invested in a small amount of Bitcoin very recently, but am going to prepare myself through education, to go in as deep as I can with the best possible knowledge I can find.

Moon Goals

  • Financial security
  • Build the dream home set up
  • Build the dream studio
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Focus on more creative projects with the knowledge my investments are going to the Moon Yo!
  • Remove financial stress from the equation
  • Create the best possible platform for my Son to find his place and journey in the world

The Bit coin Pub has got such a great vibe and energy, it has really helped me toss out some old feelings about money and got me super pumped to help others do the same! Let’s dooooo it!!!

Oh and I heard about the Pub from Jameson Lopp’s website


Hey guys!
Chet here excited to participate


Hello my dear friends,

I must have totally forgotten to do this - although I knew I was working on it - did I not hit save or post ?!? Hmm… will do it now, so that you know who is being this crazy guy on the spaceship to the moon next to you strapped into his seat :slight_smile:

I am Mario, I am German but I life in beautiful For Lauderdale, Florida - for now :slight_smile:
THe first Crypto I invested in was…BTC. Unfortunately close to ATH but I think I am a good HODL’er - at least I hope so.
I also invested after hours and hours of reading into DeepBrainChain ($400.00) because I am fascinated by AI and the possibilities this company has to do with its product. It is a long way but I am confident that it will be a huge success.

What are my “to the moon” goals? That is a very good question, I want to reach in the very first place financial freedom for my parents. They gave me all the basics (education and freedom to choose) to make a good decision. They sacrificed a lot for me and my (3) siblings and now that they are a little bit in trouble, I hope over the next couple years I can pay them back for what they have done for us in the past 30+ years.

And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?

I watched the YouTube video where Peter and Randell from Crypto_Love (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFoE-PrPLz0) hada live stream and I wanted to check it out AND I LOVE IT.

Hope to have a great an and a very educational time here in the Pub.

See all of you in these hundreds of posts :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me be part of this,


  1. My name is Eric @Kiknbak
  2. I live in Colorado
  3. My first investment was into XRP because I was mislead, sorry I have corrected and am now heavy into Enj coin because I’m a gamer and like what they have scheduled for their 2018 roadmap!
  4. My :full_moon: goals are like most. Completely debt free, with some upgrades. Mostly just kill the debt though.
  5. I’m most excited about being able to liquidate my in game loot (lots of hours) and take most of that to a new game.
  6. I first found Peter @thedogelord on decentralized tv (YouTube) by doing research and this lead here. :checkered_flag:
    I’m here to learn how to integrate blockchain into my gaming and find out its potential for contracts. Happy to become a cryptopian, thank for having me!


Hello everyone, I’m Jesse from Wisconsin.
Been lurking for a couple of days so far reading topics and getting to know some of the basics.
I am very new to crypto currency. A work colleague was explaining the crypto currency markets to me and I’ve been researching it since.

I am at the moment waiting for my first deposit to be made into Coinbase.

Thank you for this space to learn and share!