Want to Create a Group? I Got You Fam. 🔥



Just recently we created a new Group (which you can see here) and this feature / functionality is a powerful tool for us here on The Pub.

Example Groups might be…

  • Geographic (like a San Francisco, Silicon Valley Group…)
  • Interests or Hobby-specific
  • Specific Investment Groups (“Special Purpose Vehicles” anyone…?!)
  • Completely Random Groups…


But, to put a new Group together you have to spend a bit of time administratively giving me the right information:

  • Group Name (no spaces, same as the username role)
  • Full Name
  • Group Description
  • Owners
  • Members

Then, you have to decide on the following settings for the group (as the leader or leadership team):

  • Can users join the group freely (or is it invite-only)?
  • Can users leave the group freely?
  • Can users send membership requests to group owners?
  • Will this be the `primary’ group of a user?
  • Who can @mention this group (Nobody, Group Members, or Everyone)?
  • Who can message this group (Nobody, Group Members, or Everyone)?

And then finally you’ll need:

  • A Default Title for all users in the group
  • Avatar Flair Image (optional, but highly encouraged)
  • Avatar Flair Background Color (optional, hex color value needed)

I can then take all of this information and then magically create a new Group for you!

Here’s what it looks like in the backend (using the Bloggers Group as an example):

Got it? Good. I’m looking forward to seeing folks put together these Groups and use them for greatness!

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This might be really useful… Love your work John!


ideas for groups:

xennials (born between 1977 and 1983)

suggestions on how to go about this, anyone…?