VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



I have absolutely no clue what that Coca Cola Kid Tweet is supposed to mean.


I really don’t see this happening. I really don’t even see it being in the top 10.


It’s going to be tracking 30% of the world’s cigarette sales…

That alone is enough to send any coin to the top 10, and that’s just 1 partnership out of the couple dozen already confirmed. Mainnet is 4 or 5 months away and we have billion dollar companies out the freakin door :muscle:

Fanboyism aside, VEN outside the top 10 is kinda ridiculous. Unless you think the project is a scam that’s about to fall apart like Tron or something


This is kinda what I’m looking at right now…

Blauberge, or the “blue mountains” are a mountain range in Bavaria
Bavarian Motor Works = BMW

5650 Arcturus Ave, Oxnard, CA 93033
^ the address for a large BMW testing facility in California

So: “Long-lasting beacons will form as a driving force…” = long-term, durable IoT gizmos for cars?
“…the engineers of the blue mountains have gathered…” = BMW scientists gathered at Arcturus Ave to test the gizmos?

A bit of a stretch, but it makes some sense too


Why would a company use Ven’s blockchain as oppose to a token built on an upcoming platform such as EOS that can much better handle the load and do everything that VEN is doing much faster and much cheaper. I’m just saying that VEN is the first to be built in that area, but might not be the best. I guess time will tell.


I’ve seen these misconceptions before, and the team does need to get better at marketing themselves and spreading the word about their tech.

Mainnet will be capable of 10,000 transactions per second though, according to leadership


Anyone think vechain will pump more before the 26th ?


Thanks for this. How is this relevant to VeChain?


I think that top 10 list of yours looks good


PwC incubated Vechain, and have been instrumental in acquiring partners/clients for them.

I don’t see a straight-up Amazon partnership as being very likely at this point, but, being the biggest blockchain project currently for cold-chain logistics tracking, VEN could do something like track Whole Foods perishables, for instance.

That is, if Amazon turns to PwC (being a Big 4 auditor) for help as they’ve done in the past with quality assurance issues


The first part of the VeChain AMA was released:

Very informative and kinda hints around at the BMW speculation in a round a bout way


This was really good stuff. More to come and much needed to combat the lame “VEN is losing the tech race” fud. I also like how they casually destroyed the hopes and dreams of storage coins everywhere by mentioning their CHAOS decentralized storage project

Also, bonus industry: Medical & Healthcare


Exciting week for VeChain! Partnership announcements, the AMA leading up to the big re-branding to VET on the 26th. Then we get this juicy little tidbit to coincide with the stream:

Looks like we will be getting a KRW/VET pairing for the festivities :smile:
Kinda stoked to see if any of these wild and crazy Coca Cola Kid speculations come true


What is with all of these projects re branding? It is like they think changing the name will make the tech come alive faster lol


It’s not a “renaming” or a website update though, it’s a literal rebranding - as in, they’re changing their brand from “anti-counterfeit coin” to “enterprise dApp/ICO/Smart contract platform” and these events are them raising awareness about it

Same name and logo as far as I know


VEN going to the MOOOOON :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


That makes more sense that many of the other ones that have gone on lol


Haha right? The LSK rebranding was a joke


So is vechain worth getting into? It sounds promising not sure if it will be worth more than icx though


This has my attention.