VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



Compared to VeChain Walton is a 1 trick pony. VEN is becoming a platform for dAPPS and ICO’s. Unless WTC plans to become a platform it can’t compete on the same level. VEN has also secured the deals. VEN is doing things now while WTC is still dreaming.


NEO has been cooperating g with the Chinese government from the beginning as far as compliance so are in good favor as far as has been divulged in interviews with Da Hongfei. It is safe to assume that they have the “nod” from their government regulators.


That’s how they started, they are now developing into much more.


Exactly! Everyone thinks that because every write-up VEN gets in the news or w/e starts with “VEN is an anti-counterfeit solution that tracks luxury products, etc etc…”

Currently it has contracts to track luxury products, liquor, e-books, cigarettes, loans, and cows. And those are actual contracts where people are paying money for a service.

Not trying to shill TOO hard, but… How many blockchain companies out there are pulling in actual revenue? :joy:


Thinking about VEN now and starting to build a HODL position once I can take some ICX profit to diversify myself and get back into Neo as well. What is a good entry point range given their Mainnet launch is in late spring early summer?


It’s had a solid consolidation after its huge run to 82k sats. Dipped down below 60k last week and now holding around 62-64k. I don’t see it going under 60k significantly again unless the rebranding (which ends late Feb as far as I know) flops pretty hard.

DYOR but the team has said they have companies lining up out the door for a spot on the ol blockchain (brought to them by DNV GL and PwC)…

With new partners every week the price might be held up by sheer announcement-power going forward 🤷


Many thanks for the info. I will do the DD but like what I am hearing and have read thus far.


Well shit I didn’t think I’d be proven right so quicky… :wink:


So this guy works for Cisco?


So this guy works for Cisco?

Head of blockchain development at Cisco


Nice… time to buy. :slight_smile:


FOMOing so hard here :money_mouth_face:


Keep the beat - whats next - checked big WTC news today and VEN and WTC looks like catched on an similar pattern…


A lot of folks in the WTC and VEN communities like to fight, but there’s more than enough room for everybody in this space. 2018 is the year where business solution projects really take off. ICX, VEN, WTC…

Not WaBi though, those guys suck


“Those guys suck” - little bit more meat, whats wrong with WABI?


Just a bunch of Russians trying to penetrate the Chinese markets. Dumb business planning if nothing else - the Chinese won’t accept them when there are better options in China already.

I hear they have good tech, but the team is immature and their CEO has picked fights with other projects in the past, so I don’t trust em


Would it be wise to buy more VEN now or expecting more to drop?


I don’t expect it to drop much more unless BTC goes on a crazy run. 58-60k has been the floor for a couple days now.

But then again, I’m pretty biased :joy:


Either way I win. Its about time BTC runs.


I added some VEN now - think it could be a good entry already :cowboy_hat_face:

Still looks like VEN and WTC hit by same down pattern :roll_eyes: