VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



Sometimes you have to zoom out, when there’s been a rise like this


There’s usually a correction afterwards, same for WTC



For sure, this correction was overdue. WTC has a ways to go, obviously, but I’m fairly confident VEN has bottomed out in the short term.

If there’s going to be a more prolonged pullback, it’ll happen after the rebranding finishes up in late February - sometime between then and when hype starts building for VEN’s mainnet release in June in my opinion


A large part of my portfolio is ICX as well. If ICX crushes it while VEN simultaneously stagnates for a bit I will sell off some ICX to try and get a VEN node which is 10,000 VEN. Right now it’s pricey but if ICX crushes it, that will make it easier to get.

VEN is in a good dip right now actually. But I think ICX will outperform over the next few weeks unless VEN comes out with more crazy news. You can’t go wrong with VEN at a dip though.


Those masternodes :drooling_face:
I tried to get my uncle to break off a small portion of his bitcoin holdings to snag one. Straight up bombarded him with a news barrage for the past few weeks lol.


Thanks! I was thinking about a node too, ever since I missed out on a DASH node when DASH was $7! I think we will make a fortune on ICX and it is a great strategy to take some profit and move some funds around.


I have to agree, too many people look at price only as an indicator of potential returns. This is in most part due to a lack of basic investment knowledge.


#4 :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


VeChain announcement in 12-48 Hours? All SHILL? Is my cola dude right again? LOL
Who knows what I am talking about? Please respond. :hugs:


Hey guys,

Great content here, i have been keeping an eye on VeChain for a while now but not sure when to enter. I am looking at this coin to be huge during the year also. I guess this is a long term HODL!..


Man I just went and soiled my brain in 4chan thanks to your post :slight_smile:
I have zero clue what that CCK dude was rambling about. What’s your take on it norbert?


You have seen.

Do your homework, invest in something you believe in :slight_smile:


So cryptic lol asdfgh


@Amanda_Pieper Maybe they can pay you in some crypto :slight_smile:


hahah awesome! Good find. I submitted :slight_smile:


Got some new info in case you guys haven’t seen it! This was tweeted out by VEN’s CEO this morning…

And if you zoom in…


Some creepy stalkers in the VEN chats confirmed two of the people there are Guggenheim Partners execs. Google Guggenheim (say that shit 5 times fast) and see what you think


This threads giving me so much fomo holy shit lol

I started buying crypto about a month ago and im currently down by 15%…i should wait til i make some profit before i buy more right?

The fomo is real


Buy the dip Feel the FOMO



I waited for this moment, best comment I’ve read in a long time. Think about it :wink:


Eh, the whole market is bleeding atm… 15% is pretty tame honestly

VEN is down 30% from its all time high and has all kinds of shit coming in the nearish future. With all this tether fud, etc, you might wanna invest in projects that have actual real-world contracts going out several years :wink:


That it is brother! I couldn’t resist bagging up some yesterday. Just hold tight because it’ll be a great year after this turbulence is behind us.

I’m reading that it may be possible to pool up for masternodes… hmmmm that’s pretty cool!