VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



I bought around 11k yesterday at .0205 and could not be happier this morning!!! Peter you know i am an ICON diehard but this short pump gave me little extra life! and some more ICON lol


Are u going to make use of the Binance airdrop the 1th of august? i’m still in doubt if it’s worth it to transfer everything back & forward again.


And that’s just the base rate! Can’t wait til node rewards open up :money_mouth_face:


I didn’t get my Ven over to binance, can someone explain how I can swap it out for VET? Had them in my exodus wallet.


I keep wanting to snatch up some of this but every time I do my brain tells me to buy BTC or ICX instead.

#296 has the swap ongoing. It’s a smaller exchange but you can deposit to “VEN ERC20” and swap right away to get mainnet VET. Bitfinex hasn’t done the swap yet if you’d rather be on a bigger exchange, or just hit up the mobile wallet itself after August 10th to swap there


It has run up well, but there are a number of factors that will continue to drive the price up…maybe another 2x from here by September?

The issue you have now is the glut of projects to buy. You can’t go wrong buying Bitcoin, and less popularily Ethereum. If you insist on picking up some cheap hot alts : ADA, ICX, QTUM, XEM, TRX, and IOTA are all down 80%+ from ATH. You can’t go wrong with those, though I have mixed feelings about TRX, QTUM, XEM and IOTA.


Thanks Prime! I just downloaded mobile wallet, going to do it there.


So obviously I’m super biased, but something I keep thinking back to is this: VEN had its meteoric rise just like all those other alts you mentioned… Went from below a dollar to 9 bucks, which is crazy but still comparable to what XRP, ADA, XLM and all the rest did in December, right?

EXCEPT… Vechain didn’t do it in December, it did it January, AGAINST the tide that was BTC falling like a rock down from $20k :joy:

My point being - it hit its ATH during the worst BTC crash in years and we’ve yet to see what it can really do


What’s everyone’s thoughts on the vechain?


i don’t think this will be top 3 by end of the year

i know, my statement is quite out there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahaha… Blasphemy :rofl::rofl:


i wondered the same thing. it is insanely cheap now.


Mainnet is starting to ramp up! Check out yesterday’s stats on the block explorer:

About 2000 transactions yesterday, but over 80,000 clauses (part of the Multi-Task Transactions Protocol (MTT)), burning over 2M VTHO in the process. Apparently this was due to a WeChat app developed for Chinese Valentine’s day, where folks could express their love to someone and have that confession be burned into the blockchain for all time (so cute aw), as well as a client starting to onboard to the network.

The cool thing is, thanks to Vechain’s Multi-Party Payment Protocol (MPP), none of the folks who used the app had to own a single VET token or anything. Basically they use the app, and with some smart contract magic, the fees and everything get paid by the service provider, NOT the customer (at least not in crypto, typically in cases like this they’ll be paid fiat for a blockchain service, without the customer having to know how crypto works or even what crypto is). Some real mass-adoption shit right there

Also Sunny did a livestream today, said some cool stuff. Apparently September’s gunna be fun


Oh hey, VET was just called as PBC’s coin of the month (if you care about that kind of thing)

Buy-up-to price was $0.016 btw, so don’t fomo in too high…


Fat stack of VTHO rewards just landed in the wallet today… very nice!

So what’s everybody doing with their VTHO anyways? I’m just holding for now but curious what yall are doing.


i bought around 600 vet when it was around $0.0107 and has been one of the only coins i have that has stayed in the green.


Vechain meetup in Amsterdam was today and some juicy infos were dropped. Will list the main points here in case you folks are interested:

  • Client migration to mainnet is ramping up more and more

  • Some teasing about more Carbon bank-related solutions with China

  • Authority node identities will be revealed (or not) at their own discretion. Many are waiting for NDA’s to expire

  • Said NDA’s are with companies “you’ve all heard of before”

  • Two additional US universities have signed on, to be revealed soon

  • BMW and Renault confirmed again :rofl:

  • Vechain-developed BMW mobile app is completed

  • New client: Swedish car manufacturer (Volvo?)

  • Chanel partnership basically confirmed

  • Jackson, CEO of CREAM talked for a while. Basically said V’s current ICOs are just the beginning and that those announced so far will easily be Top 100 projects on their own merits

  • OceanEx is 10x over-subscribed, ICO will be very exclusive

  • OceanEx will be the next exchange for VTHO. Enterprises will be buying VTHO there directly from us

  • Luxembourg government wants to go full blockchain and is working closely with Vechain. Jackson called it the most significant and in-depth government partnership in crypto thus far