VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



DISCLAIMER: I started buying VEN at 3k sats, and it now makes up 96% of my portfolio. The write-up below reflects my own beliefs, but the original author was someone else in the VEN community. I wanted to share it here mostly so I had something to look back on in a year to see how far off the theory was but, obviously, feel free to discuss/dispute anything written here. Anyway… VEN has gone from #60 to #15 on CMC in the last month, so saying it could reach the top 10 or even the top 5 this year isn’t much of a stretch. But I seriously believe Vechain will break into the top 3 on its own merits. If Bitcoin/Ethereum stall out and XRB/XRP/EOS don’t step in to take their places, VEN will be on top of the pile. Yeah, seriously :joy:

If I’m wrong, this will at least make for a good laugh!
Alright. I’m going to turn this over to my fellow VENturion. Sexy wall of text incoming


VeChain is about to be huge in my opinion. And here are my reasons based off facts

  • VeChain is PARTNERED with PwC which is one of the Big 4, not going into explanation

[VeChain CEO Sunny Lu with Raymund Chao, Chairman for PwC in Asia Pacific and Greater China]

  • PwC is PARTNERED with Amazon (AWS) >>> LINK

  • AWS (Amazon) has now created a blockchain solution that has 5 new ICO’s about to launch (Microsoft R3 Cordova…) >>> LINK

  • Sunny Lu himself (VeChain CEO) said he will launch ICO’s that are from fortune 500 companies >>> LINK

  • This is repeated here from one of the VeChain reps >>> LINK

  • Now there is this new ICO “AXP” that is launching an ERC223 token (WTF is an ERC223? An ETH-based fork like Sunny described, possibly? Oh yeah, and it’s microsoft backed. Making the connections yet? >>> LINK // WHITEPAPER

“The AXP token is a decentralized application (dapp) token developed on top of Ethereum blockchain, in line with the ERC223 standards, which is an enhanced version of its predecessor ERC20 standards. The aXpire network is free to use; the code is open source, with an Apache license. The initial distribution of the token will be done through a TGE (Token Generation Event), where anyone can purchase the AXP token in exchange for ether or bitcoin (additional forms of payment are being considered)”

  • They are working with Microsoft, who just so happens to be working with… guess who? VeChain as well >>>

“Microsoft Technology Center in France and PwC Innovation Center in Shanghai invited VeChain to setup a demo center recently. “We believe this is a very good way to let more clients see, touch, and understand the blockchain application. For now, VeChain will keep focused on transforming the supply chain.”

  • (Article written in June 2017, logically one can assume more meetings and business has occured over this time period) >>>

"According to Mr. Qian, his team developed a practical smart contract. “With VeChain, we developed smart contracts to reflect real world business processes,” he said. “By calling APIs and smart contracts supported by VeChain, business is able to run automatically on top of a blockchain. For example, if the ownership of a specific product can be guaranteed by a platform and accepted, trusted by all the players in the whole supply chain, it will no longer be necessary for labor and paper documentation to trace said products in every warehouse during each step of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer. Big costs will be saved, and the whole supply chain made more efficient.” (*Mr.Qian was also former executive of IBM… connections) >>> LINK

  • Yup, this is huge. Many Fortune 500 Companies will use VeChain. This is all connected. Look how R3 of Cordera is connected to PwC and connected to Microsoft (I said this on 1/10/18). Trillions guys, trillions will run off this platform, and if you trust Coca Cola Kid the PBoC would validate my claim. All the links are here, they just haven’t announced it. And I am going to reiterate something Sunny mentioned in my own words. Paraphrasing: Sunny stated that each company that launches on VeChain is their own independent business. So what that means is that their success or failure is seperate from VeChain. VeChain is just the code or protocol or net, however you describe it, that these companies use. All companies used to use fax everyday. VeChain will be the “fax” that all companies use. But every successful Fortune 500 launch only strengthens VeChain. They are taking a page from IOTA but not actually in physical code (but from Bosch too lol). Every company that is successful makes Thor and VET that much more valuable and stable because of an ecosystem. VeChain is priming to become, again, “THE Chain” to overtake Crypto.

Now on Amazon’s own site they describe PwC as partners. Deloitte, which is also listed on this site as a blockchain company is PARTNERED WITH DNG VL in BLOCKCHAIN. So PwC to VeChain, DNG VL to VeChain, Deloitte to DNG VL, ALL PARTNERED IN BLOCKCHAIN. So many connections that speak to a ‘Consortium’. [side note, VeChain just released THIS ARTICLE today which provides proof of concept for their claims of chain-to-chain interoperability. Speculation: is Sentinel Chain VEN’s first ICO???]

Amazon’s ICO “Quorum” explicitly states that they will use an Ethereum fork, which is exactly what Sunny described VeChain to be. So connect the dots, Amazon’s website, 5 BRAND NEW ICO’s FROM FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES (T-Mobile, JP Morgan, Amazon, PwC, Samsung, Microsoft, Deloitte). C’mon now, you can’t be stupid enough to think that all these connections don’t somehow, one way or another, line up (aka a ‘consortium’). It’s going big guys, I provided the links, make the connections yourself now. “An Ethereum based platform that can host fortune 500 companies”…

Now let’s examine that interesting-sounding word ‘Consortium’ To those who don’t know the definition: con·sor·ti·um (noun) 1. an association, typically of several business companies. synonyms: association, alliance, coalition, union, league, guild, syndicate

I don’t see any other Coins/Tokens use the word ‘Consortium’, do you?

  • Kevin Feng of VeChain (huge hire btw) >>> SOURCE

“The solutions we currently provide for our customers are not operated on a public blockchain. Our current blockchain can be simply categorized as a consortium chain. We are migrating to a public chain in Q2 of 2018.”

  • So what this says is that the solution VeChain provides for customers (institutions, since it’s not public…) is referred to as a ‘consortium’. Guess what Microsoft and AWS calls their Blockchain? Yup! a ‘consortium’ (Very unique they use the exact same reference as VeChain, and have partners with the same partners, all on the same site. Refer back to definition of ‘consortium’ as well.

Microsoft: “Announcing Support for Multi-member Consortium Blockchain Networks on Azure” >>> LINK

  • We also know that VeChain has an app that scans QR codes and enables you to see authenticity and make sure it is not expired yada yada yadda, right? Check out what I found in regards to a PwC and Alibaba deal in counterfeit and faulty goods >>> LINK

“Once the food lands on a retailer’s shelf, consumers can scan a QR code on the food package with their mobile phones to receive food safety information about the product, including details as to what is in the package and its origination,” the author explains.”

  • Basically this article describes VeChain to a ‘T’

Now apparently, based on this next article, Alibaba chose to make the move to PwC to “bolster Alibaba’s reputation following accusations that its online marketplaces are rife with counterfeit goods.” >>> LINK

  • What this means is that Alibaba felt the pains of counterfeit goods (so does China’s Government), and turned to PwC for help (this is a specialty of accounting firms). It just so happens to also be a specialty of their partner VeChain’s initial platform (counterfeiting) before they expanded to more… No one else is big enough with enough connections for this to be anyone other than VeChain and Sunny Lu >>> LINK

But wait, there’s more!.. >>> LINK

“China has long suffered from an epidemic of fake products, from hard alcohol to Louis Vuitton bags. Now, equipped with blockchain technology, the country’s ecommerce giants are tightening up their supply chains.”

  • More hidden imagery regarding VeChain! This describes VeChain (Louis Vuitton, alcohol). How more obvious can you get? Literally read that last link. In the opening paragraph, I quoted it for you. Who was the former CIO of Louis Vuitton? Sunny Lu himself. Who is actively working on tamper-proofing alcohol? VeChain. Who does the article speak of? Alibaba and JD. How can you not see the connections? I have linked every correct article that drops HUGE hints that scream VeChain.

I believe this is where VeChain was able to acquire Alibaba, through PwC with which they were already partnered. I truly believe my assessments of all the major Fortune 500 companies launching coins and blockchain on this platform… PwC appears to have brought in Alibaba just like many other companies have been announced. That’s why there were and still are NDA’s to this day (VeChain mentions NDA restrictions all the time), because if it all had gone horribly wrong, they could’ve ended things quickly and quietly. Guess what everyone, it has apparently been a success… Guess who else PwC is partnered with; heavily so at that. Amazon… You think they won’t want to make sure their items will be safe and non counterfeit too?

-When Credit and Debit cards first became available, did Fortune 500 companies say they would not want to use this new fancy tech? (here’s a hint, you don’t know of the late bloomers because they aren’t still around). Remember the “fax” reference where ALL companies used to fax? VeChain will be used by everyone. So do you think there will be competitor “Platforms” to VeChain? yes. But when VET is the over-layer with government and business approval and any coin launched under them that is defined by their own success; how is that anything other than an amazing service VeChain is offering across the ALL industries that no one else does? There will be niche’ coins and such that launch on other platforms that succeed. But what the big companies will ‘use’ is VeChains blockchain to facilitate their own ICO, based off Sunny Lu’s own words and evidence I provided.

  • I’ve been doing some reading on Microsoft’s “CoCo” platform or blockchain. But after reading it more in depth, it describes not a blockchain, but a layer added on top of (or below however one likes to reference) an existing chain.

We know that Ethereum, because of crypto-kitty issues and Vitalik abandoning his project is not going to launch a protocol with Hyperledger (who has collaborated with VeChain in the past btw), Sawtooth, Quorum (All these are Fortune 500 backed ICO’s here soon… CoCo is a layer above these dApps, but below Ethereum hrmmm…) Combined with PwC openly partnered with AWS (Amazon) and AWS to Deloitte to DNV GL partnered in a chain like ‘consortium’, how can one not think that PwC came to each of these companies to help build the layers on top of what VeChain had already accomplished with their private blockchain?

  • And then, of course, we have Jim Breyer. He’s no longer simply an investor, but a full-blown VeChain advisor. His track record (especially in China - that’s him standing next to the president down there) basically speaks for itself, but I will add one thing. Ever heard of Facebook? Well, Breyer was the first major investor to invest in the project, back when it was essentially Zuckerberg and a few buddies working out of a garage… Nuff said?

Icon [ICX] - Waiting for Conversion - Let’s talk dApps!

I have been dollar cost averaging vchain since the first of the year . I also think that its going to be a rockstar.:rocket:


I have been dollar cost averaging vchain since the first of the year . I also think that its going to be a rockstar.:rocket:

What I love about it is how under the radar it all still is, despite being #15 and shilled to death on reddit.

Folks still think “hey NEO is China’s blockchain” and “IOTA is the IoT coin cuz it has IoT in the name”, ya know?

Lol VEN is literally becoming China’s blockchain AND the premier IoT solution in the world and… nobody’s paying attention. They’re still “that anti-counterfeit coin” to most folks. This year’s gunna be huuuge :rocket:


don’t put up links without letting us know what they are. i’m not clicking that shit.


Will buy the dip on this.


Lots of good information in this write up about VEN. That author seems to be making some pretty long stretched out connections though. The idea that Samsung would build on VEN instead of ICX is a bit crazy. Samsung has factual partnerships with ICON and both happen to be Korean. JP Morgan will build their own blockchain and has patents, Microsoft holds dAPP/development competitions in collaboration with NEO on the NEO blockchain.

NEO does have established relationships with the government. VEN’s blockshain aspirations are clearly in their infancy while NEO is a fully functioning, robust and well established platform with dAPPS and ICO’s as we speak.

However, to say that VEN has a bright future is an understatement. VEN is acquiring real world deals and doing real work for real companies. This can’t be trivialized. VEN was probably the best coin to hold this past month and will continue to have solid growth while many others above it stagnate.

Definitely a contender for the top 10. I see the top 10 including:

BTC, ETH, LTC, ICX, VEN, NEO, XLM, OMG, EOS, ADA(If they get a working product).

The theme here is that most of the winners are platforms that host ICO’s and dAPPS. They are not coins which depend on a platform.

TL:DR: The write up has good info but is extremely speculative. VEN is a great project and will crush 2018.


Would you bump VEN to top 5 if PBOC rumored association is confirmed?


It is #5 on my list. I don’t think BTC and ETH are going to budge in the near term but everything else is pretty interchangeable in my mind from #3 to #10. It all depends on what actually comes to fruition.

I have LTC at #3 because I like LTC. Without a doubt I believe that ICX, VEN and NEO should be way up there within a year.


Those are my three for 2018. I also keep an eye on ETC. ADA is nice but needs more work. Swing trading it at times for occasional 6-10%.


Super agree on ADA which is why I had to include, if they get a working product. TBH I don’t get ETC. Isn’t it just an old antiquated coin left over from a fork? I don’t see the point in ETC when the real Ethereum is clearly established.


It’s more or less about the team and the principles. I think we will see the struggle of ETH and ETC play out in 2018. ETH has first mover advantage but I like the branding of ETC as a challenger. It leads one to think just from hearing it that it’s something ETH stood for before the fork. Even if not “huge”, I see it making gains. $27 is pretty low to get into it, too.

I have an ADA and ICX stock pile at the moment, and flipping around some altcoin swings to build them up in between some regular fiat infusions. ADA is so inexpensive to build a portfolio of as well. I know it all depends on what liquidity you have to invest, but whenever I hear “96% in on VEN” or “100% in on ICX!!!” I see that it can make profits, but obviously not all of these coins are going to take off at the exact same time, or even in the same year. My plan is to see which out of the four or five I invest in takes off, and once the first bull stagnates, move a large % of the gains into the next coin (if it looks like it’s about to bull as well) or otherwise rebalance.


Ummm… ADA is not inexpensive. It’s #5 in market cap with no product yet. IMO it has no where to go but down. #5 is where it should be if it actually creates what it says it’s going to. Basically it’s like giving someone a year of salary before they did any work yet assuming they will figure it out. I’m not touching ADA with a 10 foot pole currently.


Hate that I’m always finding out about these coins when they are in the middle single digits to mid teens.


I don’t HODL it. I use it as a swing trade tool at the moment. The plan is to be able to move into it if I want. When I say “inexpensive” I don’t mean in terms of market cap. I mean in terms of sudden bull runs to swing into.


I hold a little VEN, also a bit of WTC. VEN seems to be getting all the attention right now, do you guys have a preference, or do you think they can co exist and both be succesful?

Considering moving my WTC funds into VEN.


I think you have to put into perspective the actual market for a coin like vechain compared to the market size of dapp platforms, IOT coins and currencies. Imo, vechain can’t be in the top 3 or probably top 10 because of this. Not saying it is a bad coin - just saying the market isn’t big enough for it to get to the top 3 or close to it.


No you’re absolutely right. The point is though that VEN at mainnet release in June is going to be a fully fledged enterprise blockchain with dApps, ICO support, and interoperability between different blockchains

“VeChain” in Chinese means “everything chain” or “the only chain” :wink: and that’s what it’s trying to become


What kind of government support does NEO have? I think there’s more than enough room in China for VEN and NEO btw

I know VEN has the Guian city contract, the China Tobacco (state-owned monopoly) contract, and… Jesus this is a long name… The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China pilot contract


I did not know VEN was a dapp platform. Isn’t it just to stop people selling fake goods?


Im not sure if its been mentioned but VEN will also be offering PoS rewards when it rebrands over to VET. The masternode tiers will help to ensure a solid incentive for hodling. I assume the the Thor Power will be used in a similar way to GAS. Nice little Thor calculator: